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A Mini Humidifier Goes A Long Way

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Is it good to use the mini humidifier? Knowing how a mini humidifier works can help you use it more effectively.


How a mini humidifier works?


There are two main types of humidifiers by purpose: household humidifiers and industrial humidifiers.


ultrasonic humidifier

1.Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier adopts ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation 1.7mhz frequency to change water mist into 1-5 micron ultramicroparticles, which can freshen the air, improve health and create a comfortable environment.


2. Direct Evaporating Humidifiers


The direct evaporating humidifier is also called as pure humidifiers. Pure humidification technology is a new technology that just adopted in the field of humidification. Through molecular sieve evaporation technology, pure humidifier can remove calcium and magnesium ions in water and completely solve the problem of "white powder".


3. Heat Evaporating Humidifier


The heat evaporating humidifier is also called electric humidifier. It works by heating water to 100 degrees in a heater to produce steam, which is sent out by a fan. Therefore, the electric heating humidifier is the simplest humidifying method. Its disadvantages are large energy consumption, unable to dry burn, low safety factor and easy scaling on the heater. Electric humidifier is often used with central air conditioning at the same time, which is generally not used alone.



Compared with the above three, electric heating humidifier has no "white powder" phenomenon, lower noise, but high power consumption, and the humidifier is easy to scale. The pure humidifier has no "white powder" phenomenon and no scaling. It has low power and air circulation system, which can filter the air and kill bacteria. Ultrasonic humidifier has large and uniform humidification strength, small power consumption, long service life, and it has the functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface and jewelry cleaning. Therefore, ultrasonic humidifiers and pure humidifiers are recommended as the first choice.


There are many advantages of humidifiers. The ultrasonic humidifier with high humidification intensity, uniform humidification and high humidification efficiency is energy saving and power saving. What’s more, its electricity consumption is only 1/10 to 1/15 of the electric humidifier. It has long service life, automatic humidity balance, automatic protection from water. It also has the functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface and cleaning jewelry.


mini humidifier

Why doesn't the mini humidifier fog?


Step 1:

The humidifier has used tap water for a long time, the scale build up water alkali on the concussion piece so it cannot run normally and the fog cannot come out.




Use lemon juice to remove lime scale. Lemon contains a lot of citrate and it can inhibit calcium salt crystallization.


Step 2:

Check whether there is a problem with the energy exchange plate.




Open the bottom cover to check if the fuse wire is burnt. If not, it may be the float that is stuck. Remove the water tank, add water to the machine stand with a cup and try to open it.


Step 3:


Check if the fan can produce wind. The humidifier works under two conditions. First, the ceramic oscillator vibrates to produce water mist. Second, the fan rotates to send the mist away. If the mini humidifier works but the mist doesn't come out, it means that the fan has failed because of improper operation. 




Add some oil and gently pat it. If it doesn’t work, then turn to  the after-sales service for help.

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