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A way of using ultrasound to drive rats

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We all hope that we can live in an environment that without the disturb of rats and other pest. People have tried many kinds of ways to drive the rats away, and nowadays, ultrasonic mouse repellent technology is developing rapidly to solve this problem and provide a good way for us to have a better living or working environment. This technology has applied on many products in the market and has gained many praise from people. Today we are going to introduce a way of using ultrasound to drive rats based on this technology, that is, ultrasonic mouse repellent.


What Is Using Ultrasound To Drive Rats

As we all know, many animals such as mice and bats communicate use ultrasound to communicate with their akin. The mice have a well developed auditory system, which is sensitive to the ultrasound and can tell the source of sound even in the dark. Many electronic pest control machines, like greenlund pest repeller and DC-9002 ultrasonic anti rat repeller are designed base on this natural principle. The ultrasound generated by ultrasonic rat repellent and ultrasonic pest repellent can effectively stimulate rats and cause rats to feel threatened and disturbed and lead to the symptoms of loss of appetite, flight, and even convulsions. Therefore, it has the function of forcing them to migrate automatically and make them unable to reproduce and grow within the control area to achieve the purpose of eradicating mice and pests.


ultrasonic mouse repellent

What’s more, these ultrasonic wave pest repellers are harmless to our human, cause human can not hear most of the ultrasound that over 20 KHZ, so the ultrasonic pest repeller will not damage our ears. Also, they will not make any noise or any irritating scent.



The Steps Of Making A Ultrasonic Rat Repellent

Some people may wonder how this natural mouse repellent work. First of all, the adult rats need to be kept for more than one week and the sound recordings were obtained by recording in the soundproof room.

The recordings main includes the ultrasonic waves of the mice when subjected to electric shock, being shocked and being in pain.


ultrasonic rat repellent

The next step is transforming the recording files into digital audio files. Then  select the sound waves that have clear shape and sound intensity of not less than 30 dB. After reducing the background noise and enhancing sound wave, we can obtain the final edited ultrasonic audio files. The  edited ultrasound’ parameters should be strictly controlled to make the best insect repellent and assure its effect.


The last step is to put the edited audio file into the playback system for continuous playback. And then what you only need to do is put the ultrasonic rat repellent to the place that you want to drive rats away. It is  suitable for all places where rodent damage occurs, especially for power plants and substations. In addition, if the protective space is too large and the number of rat repellents used is not enough, the effect will naturally not be ideal. So it is appropriate to increase the number of rat repellents or the density of placement.

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