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Air Purifier Necklace Negative Ion Generator Portable USB Personal Air Freshener

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Personal wearable air purifier can refresh your air anywhere anytime.You can wear it on your neck,bag,hand or else where can hook,so stylish as a fashion decoration. You can alaso put the air purifier on your desk as its own stand well.
  • DC-4226
  • OEM

Input voltage: 5V
Input power: 0.1W
Size: 60x55x17mm
Battery Working: >30 hours
Power Supply:USB
Net Item Weight:30g
Applicable area:below 10m²

  • Efficient Purifiering System: This personal air purifier can fresh your personal space about 1 cubic meter anytime anywhere.

  • Wearable and Portable: The mini air purifier is only 30g with an elegent necklace included in the package, so it can wear on your neck,hand,bag, trousers hook or just put it on your desk. Enjoy fresh air that’s completely natural and healthy to breathe.

  • No Noise: The sound is very quiet (below 25dB) so it will NOT disturb you when you work or have a rest.

  • Easy Operation: The wearable air purifier is very easy to handle, you just have to press the button for 2 seconds to turn on or off.

  • USB Rechargeable: the mini portable air purifier can charge buy any USB port and can last for about 30 hrs with full charged. So convinient to carry it anywhere.


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