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Are Electronic Mosquito Repellents Safe?

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It is safe to use an electronic indoor mosquito repellent. The electronic mosquito repellent device sends out ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, producing low-frequency pulse sound wave, which can imitate the sound of the beating frequency of dragonflies' wings and drive away mosquitoes. It disrupts the mosquito's sensory system, depriving it of the ability to find prey and suck blood and keep flies away. The sound waves used to repel mosquitoes are all above 23kHz, which is far beyond the hearing range of the human ear. It is safe and will not affect peoples daily life.


1. Safety of electronic mosquito repellent


The electronic mosquito repellent has great differences in body weight, structure and characteristics of different organisms, and has different responses to different sound waves. The sound waves emitted by the electronic wave mosquito repellent target the characteristic frequency of mosquitoes, while the characteristic frequency of humans and mosquitoes is greatly related. Ultrasonic mosquito repellent is a truly green and environmentally friendly product and the best mosquito control. Its safety performance is reflected in the following three aspects.

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(1). The performance of electronic mosquito repellent is stable and reliable, non-toxic and harmless without radiation. The decibel of sound wave is lower than the normal human body to accept 45 decibels below and it almost no impact on the human body, so its the best electronic pest control for home.


(2). Ultrasonic pest repellent adopts acoustic resonance technology. It oscillates high frequencies of ultrasonic waves, producing low-frequency pulsed sound waves that mimic the frequency of the beating of dragonflies' wings and repel mosquitoes. It disrupts the mosquito's sensory system, depriving it of the ability to find prey and suck blood.


(3) . In addition, the ultrasonic mosquito repellent can also mimic the sound of male mosquitoes' wing flaps to repel mated females. Female mosquitoes are sensitive to the sound wave, which makes them tired of biting and interfering with flight, so that they dare not approach the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of repellent mosquitoes, and it is also a mosquito repellent for yard.


2. How to use an electronic mosquito repellent for your baby?


(1). Hang it on your baby's clothes. It can be hung on the baby's clothing to achieve the purpose of mosquito repellent. Ultrasonic mosquito killer in the market is divided into two kinds of sound and silent mosquito repellent. The sound electronic mosquito repellent makes a constant beeping sound. It is easy to affect your baby's hearing if it is placed in the ear for a long time. Therefore, parents should choose a silent electronic mosquito repellent.


(2). Use with other mosquito repellent. Different mosquito species are not as sensitive to certain fixed sound waves, so electronic insecticides may not be able to repel all mosquitoes even the effective natural mosquito repellent. Therefore, parents can use natural fly repellent with other methods, such as hanging a mosquito net while baby is sleeping.

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4.How to choose an electronic mosquito repellent?


(1). Choose regular manufacturers products with good quality, environmental protection. Parents should not covet cheap and choose poor quality products, so as to avoid poor quality products to the baby's health caused by adverse effects.


(2). In addition, information such as product model, rated voltage, rated power, implementation standard and whether there is a certification label are also should be paid attention to.


(3). Choose multi-frequency vibration of electronic mosquito repellents. It can emit sound waves of different frequencies, effectively repel many kinds of mosquitoes. Choose the best house mosquito repellent with a volume control switch to increase the volume and enhance the mosquito repellent range when outside. Turn down the volume while you sleep so it doesn't interfere with your quality of sleep.


(4). Excessive frequency of mosquito repellent has a great impact on the auditory development of the baby. Therefore, parents should choose high-quality products, and according to the actual needs to choose the corresponding functions.

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