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Are there any requirements for the installation of the ultrasonic rat repellent

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What Is Ultrasonic Rat Repellent

Ultrasonic rat repellent is a kind of device which can produce 20 kHz-55kHz ultrasonic wave by using professional electronic technology. It was designed base on the scientific research on rats for many years. The ultrasound generated by this device can effectively stimulate rats and cause rats to feel threatened and disturbed, therefore has the function of driving them away. This ultrasonic mouse repellent technology comes from the advanced concept of electronic pest control in Europe and the United States. The purpose of the ultrasonic mouse repellent is to create an environment in which pests ad mice can not survive, so that forcing them to migrate automatically as well as make them unable to reproduce and grow within the control area, so as to achieve the purpose of eradicating mice and pests. In this case, many people like to install the ultrasonic rat repellent in there house. But do you know how to install it correctly and what should be paid attention to? Don’t worry, this article is going to tell you some requirements when installing the ultrasonic rat repellent.


Ultrasonic rat repellent


The Installation Requirements for Ultrasonic Rat Repellent

First of all, like the ultrasonic pest repellent, the mice repellent also need to be installed at 20~80 cm above ground and you need to insert the power outlet perpendicularly. The installation place should avoid carpet, curtain and other sound-absorbing materials as far as possible, so as to prevent the decrease of sound pressure and affect the effect of ultrasonic pest repeller. If it is placed in a warehouse or storage area, which space is large, you should put a few more ultrasonic rat repellents to assure the effect.


In conclusion, what you need to do is just putting the ultrasonic wave pest repellers in the the place that the rats usually occur. But pay attention not to cause the mice repellent to drop down or make it suffer from strong impact, these accidents will damage it easily.


Ultrasonic rat repellent 

The installation environment of the ultrasonic rat repellent

Natural mouse repellent need to be used in a environmental temperature of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius to assure its better working effect. Also, when doing daily maintain to the ultrasonic rat repellent, remember not to use strong solvent, water or wet cloth to clean the ultrasonic rat repellent. The correct way to clean is to use dry soft cloth to dip some neutral detergent and the clean the fuselage. In this way can you avoid damaging the “rat deterrent garden” and help it work for a longer time.


Some people will worry about the installation of ultrasonic repellent will influence their healthy. Actually, the effect of the mice repellent depends on the power of the sound wave. Take DC-9002 ultrasonic anti rat repeller as an example. The effective sound wave is generally more than 30 khz for the mouse, but the human hearing limit is below 20 khz. That is, it is not felt by adults or children at all, that is why it is called the best insect repellent.

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