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Automatic Touchless Hands Free Soap/sanitizer Dispenser

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The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is designed bionics appearance designed with anti-leakage waterproof technology, keeping the circuit board away from water, especially in wet locations such as the bathroom or kitchen sink. This can ensure the automatic foaming soap dispenser's long-term usage. Never worry about making direct contact with germs on a hand soap pump again in which this automatic soap dispenser is touch-free.
  • DC-B032

This hands-free soap dispenser has a long press for 3 seconds presses it to turn on/off and is equipped with a 2 gears button to adjust the quantity of soap. The foam is so much easier to spread around on the hands and prevents big blobs of liquid soap from dirtying the sink and counter. So, if you want to increase or decrease the dispensed amount of foam, press the control switch. Don't worry about no foam anymore.

1. Material; Abs

2. Operating voltage: 6V (4 batteries No. 5)

3. Operating temperature: 5-40 degrees Celsius

4. Induction distance: induction (hand) 10cm

5.Capacity: 250ml 

6. Full-machine waterproof design (battery, circuit board), with high anti-jamming, infrared-free interference

DC-B032 (5)DC-B032 (3)DC-B032 (8)DC-B032 (10)DC-B032 (12)DC-B032 (13)DC-B032 (14)

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