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Classification And Working Principle of Humidifier

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Classification And Working Principle of Humidifier

Humidifier is an electrical appliance that increases the air humidity in the room. Humidifiers can humidify ordinary rooms and it can be connected to central air-conditioning systems to humidify entire buildings.



Working principle and Classifications of humidifiers

Humidifiers are mainly divided into household humidifiers and industrial humidifiers according to their use.


1. Ultrasonic humidifier: The ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillation of 1.7 MHZ to break down the water into particles of 1-5 micron, and it can purify the air and create a comfortable environment.


The ultrasonic humidifier has the characteristics of high humidification efficiency, even water mist, small power consumption and long service life. It also has medical atomization, cold compress, cleaning jewelry and other functions.

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2. Direct evaporation humidifier: This humidifier is also commonly known as a purified humidifier. Purified humidification technology is a new technology in the field of humidification. The purified humidifier is able to remove calcium ions and magnesium ions in the water through this technology. It can wash the air through water mist, at the same time, it can filter and purify the germs, dust and particulate matter in the air, and then send the moist and clean air to the room through the pneumatic device, thus improving the environmental humidity and cleanliness. So it is very suitable for families with older people and children, and it can also prevent winter flu.


3. Hot evaporation humidifier: This humidifier is also called an electrothermic humidifier. Its working principle is to heat water in the heater to 100 degrees to produce water vapor, and then it use a fan to send the steam out. So the electrothermic humidifier uses the simplest humidification method. its disadvantage is the energy consumption is bigger, the safety factor is lower, the heater is easy to scale. Its disadvantages are high energy consumption, low safety factor. Electrothermic humidifiers are generally used in conjunction with central air conditioning and are generally not used separately.


4. Immersed electrode humidifier: This humidifier uses a large area of immersed electrode in the water as the terminal, uses water as the heating medium, when the current transfers electricity through water, it produces heat, makes the water boil and produces steam. It has the characteristics of low cost and easy installation and use. But its humidification accuracy is low, and its water tank needs to be replaced regularly.


5. Cold mist humidifier: This humidifier uses a fan to force the air to reach water through the medium for water absorption and then expels the air to increase its relative humidity in the room. This humidifier is characterized by high humidification at low relative air humidity and low humidification at high relative air humidity. It also has the characteristics of low energy consumption and low noise.

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6. Commercial humidifier: Commercial humidifiers need to have a strong humidification efficiency to ensure that they can work in hundreds of square meters of indoor. Commercial humidifiers also need to be as energy-efficient as possible. At the same time, commercial humidifiers need to have a low failure rate to ensure that they can work stably.

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