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Correct use of humidifiers and matters needing attention

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The climate is dry in winter, and people staying for a long time in heating and air-conditioning rooms will feel especially dry. Many people will choose to turn on the humidifier. However, news about humidifiers causing pneumonia and humidifier bacteria are overwhelming, so everyone is a little daunted. Today we come to understand the correct way to open the humidifier.




First of all, we must ensure that the humidifier is clean. The water in the humidifier must be changed daily, and the humidifier must be cleaned weekly. When cleaning, in addition to the sink, water tank and other components, the outlet channel of the water mist must be cleaned. In a room with air conditioning and heating, the warm temperature will cause the fungus and other microorganisms in the water to multiply. If it is not replaced or cleaned in time, the bacteria will spray out with the water mist, which will cause the occurrence of diseases.


car air purifier with humidifier


Choice of water quality

Avoid pouring tap water directly into the water tank. The correct way is to boil the water, let it cool, and then pour it into the water tank. This will not only kill bacteria in the water, but also volatilize chlorine. If conditions permit, you can boil the purified water and add it after letting it cool, so that the effect is better.



Don't add fragrance

Many people add essential oils and other materials to the humidifier, because the moisture particles produced by the humidifier are small, and these essence or medicinal particles will also enter the lungs directly, causing human discomfort.



Humidity should be appropriate

When using a humidifier, the room humidity should be controlled. A healthy humidity environment is 45% to 65%. Under such humidity conditions, the human body feels the most comfortable, and various viruses are not easy to spread. Too high humidity will cause discomfort to the human respiratory system and mucous membranes, while too low humidity will cause dryness of the nasal cavity and skin molting. Therefore, when using a humidifier, if there is no automatic constant humidity function, you can also buy a hygrometer by yourself. It is better to have a hygrometer at home, and stop humidifying after reaching the humidity.



Keep the house ventilated and clean

Due to the cold weather in winter, people open windows and ventilation ducts much less frequently than in other seasons. The indoor air is muggy. If you use the humidifier frequently and do not pay attention to opening the windows for ventilation, it is easy for mold to grow indoors. The elderly and children with weaker physiques will be affected, so the cleanliness and ventilation of the house are also very important.


car air purifier with humidifier



The humidifier is a must-have item at home, as long as it is used properly, it will still have a very good effect on the health of the family. We are a company that produces and sells humidifiers and air purifiers. Our products mainly include: air purifiers with humidifier, disposable humidifiers, air humidifiers USB, car air purifiers with humidifier, cold storage humidifiers, humidifiers for industrial, night light humidifiers, hot air humidifiers, large humidifiers, vaporization humidifiers, etc.

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