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Creative Iron Aromatherapy Machine 300 Ml Mute Hollowed-out Aromatherapy Humidifier

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  • DC-8707A/B/C
  • OEM


    This essential oil aromatherapy machine, no matter from the material selection, product structure design, the core atomization films, electronic circuits and components, wafer keys, etc., are specifically developed for the adaptation of plant essential oils;
    The essential oil and water molecules are atomized to nano-level; small and uniform fog particles make moisturizing effect more obvious; quick delivery of extremely delicate aromatherapy molecules to every corner;
    According to different composition of essential oils, it can work as different functions, such as purifying the air and beauty. For example, rosemary can relieve fatigue, mountain lemon can whiten skin and oil control, geranium can prevent cold and so on;

Power mode:  AC100-240V 50/60HZ  DC24V/500mA
Power: 12W
Water Tank Capacity: 300ml
Noise value:  < 36dB
Mist output:  30ml/h
Material: PP+IRON
Product size: 115mm*180mm
Packing size: 130mm*130mm*190mm
Certificate: UL、CE、ROHS 
Carton packing amount:  24pcs/ctn
Carton weight: 15kg
Carton size: 53*40*40cm


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