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Different Kinds of Aromatherapy Diffusers

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For many people, the aroma diffuser is not particularly familiar. Now I will introduce the types of aroma diffusers and choose the most suitable one according to your specific situation.



Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Ultrasonic aroma diffusers may be the most popular diffusers on the market today. They use water and ultrasonic vibrations to disperse essential oil molecules into the air through a fine mist. They are easy to find, affordable, and have a variety of aesthetics, so you can choose a look that matches your home decor. If you choose to use heavy oil, resin oil or citrus oil in the ultrasonic diffuser, you need to clean the diffuser with distilled white vinegar after each use. You can clean the ultrasonic diffuser by filling the holes with warm water and white vinegar and soaking them for several hours. (Be sure to unplug it every time you clean the diffuser.) Pour out the water/vinegar mixture and wipe off any remaining residue with a cotton swab. Keep soft around the disk. Rinse with cold water, then rinse the diffuser with water only for a few minutes.


ceramic aroma diffuser


Atomizing diffuser

Atomizing diffusers also produce fine mist, but they do not use water like ultrasonic diffusers. Such diffusers should generally avoid the use of resin oil and carrier oil. The effect of heavy oil is best when mixed with other oils. Because spray diffusers do not use water, they will pass through essential oils very quickly and therefore will be more expensive to use. I think atomizing diffusers are best suited for very specific applications. I prefer to use them most often in acute situations or respiratory diseases, because they do "struggle" when using essential oils. (Their use is more like a processing method.) They can complete their work quickly and efficiently in a few minutes, and then can be closed until the next application. Because they do not use water, they produce a stronger mist and can quickly transport essential oil components into the blood.



Reed diffuser

The reed diffuser is made of a narrow vase or jar with essential oils diluted in a light carrier oil. The reed is put into the jar through the neck, and the aroma of the essential oil gradually spreads along the length of the reed and spreads into the air. Reeds need to be flipped occasionally, but this diffuser style is really suitable for applications purely for entertainment. I like to incorporate them into the decor of the room-you can use any narrow-necked glass or glazed vase to make your own. I often see them in the restrooms of natural food stores to replace chemical air fresheners.



USB aroma diffuser

The USB aroma diffuser can be plugged into a laptop or other device so that you can diffuse nearby motor oil while working on the computer. They will regularly spray some essential oil mist, just like the scented perfume you see in public toilets. I have not found a USB diffuser that works well or for a long time, so I generally don't recommend them. There are other more effective options.



ceramic aroma diffuser


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