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Do you know the seven misunderstandings of humidifier use?

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With the popularity of humidifiers, many people have started to use humidifiers to improve indoor air humidity. However, many users have some misunderstandings in the process of using the humidifier. Reasonable and correct use of the humidifier can better exert its effectiveness. Let's take a look at these misunderstandings.


Myth 1: add vinegar to the humidifier

Can adding vinegar to a humidifier prevent colds? of course not!

In fact, adding vinegar to the humidifier ultrasonic cool mist is very undesirable. Generally, the acetic acid concentration of edible vinegar is low. Direct dilution into the air will not only have no bactericidal effect, but will irritate the mucous membrane of the pharynx and cause respiratory symptoms. Nausea and numbness in the extremities may even occur in a closed environment for a long time.

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Myth 2: Add tap water to the water tank

Many people like to fill tap water directly into the water tank, why they will feel uncomfortable over time?

The tap water is too hard, contains a variety of minerals, and has a high content of calcium and magnesium ions. Long-term use is prone to form scales and sediments, which will not only cause damage to the humidifier, but the calcium and magnesium ions may also cause white powder to pollute the air.


Myth 3: Using the humidifier for a long time

The most suitable air humidity in winter is 40% -60%. Too dry will cause dry throat and dry mouth. Too humid will cause diseases such as pneumonia.

Prolonged use of the humidifier will cause the indoor air humidity to be too high, which will promote the human body to secrete a large amount of pineal hormone. It is recommended that when using an aroma diffuser, it is best to replace the indoor air once every two to three hours to prevent the indoor air from becoming too humid.


Myth 4: The humidifier is not cleaned regularly

If the humidifier is not cleaned regularly, under humid air, microorganisms such as molds will breed near the humidifier. Once accumulated, the hidden molds and other microorganisms will enter the room with the sprayed water mist. For people with weak resistance, it is easy to cause diseases such as lungs and respiratory tract.


Myth 5: Put the humidifier at will

Generally, people are used to placing the humidifier directly on the ground. In fact, in order to allow the moisture to circulate better, it is best to place the  aroma diffuser on a table about 1 meter high, so that the emitted humidity can be better. use. In addition, it is better to keep a distance of 1 meter away from home appliances and furniture.


Myth 6: adding essential oils

Essential oils have become essential liquids for relaxing stress and improving sleep quality in people's daily lives. Many types of essential oils with different odors and different functions, such as rose-type, lavender-type, and tea-type, have appeared on the market.

However, volatile products such as essential oils and toilet water are generally used externally to stimulate the skin to achieve a refreshing effect. If the chemical components enter the respiratory tract, they may cause irritation and even cause respiratory diseases such as asthma.


Myth 7: Humidifiers for arthritis and diabetes patients

Do not use an difuser ultrasonic aroma diffuser if you have arthritis or diabetes in your home. Because humid air can aggravate the conditions of arthritis and diabetes, it is generally not recommended for such patients. If necessary, consult with a specialist to determine the appropriate humidity to stabilize the disease.


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The correct use of humidifier can create a more comfortable life for us. Welcome to consult us to choose the humidifier or aroma diffuser that is most suitable for you.

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