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Do you like aromatherapy lamps or incense burners?

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Do you like aromatherapy lamps or incense burners?

Aromatherapy lamps are a product that can put essential oils and also help us relax. It is a relatively common product used by many people. Can the aroma diffuser be used for a long time? If aroma diffuser is better than aroma stove?



History of aromatherapy lamps

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Arabs brought Aladdin's magic lamp to Paris. The romantic French found that this lamp added a lot of fun and romance to their lives. Then they took some steps to transform this magical lamp, the rougher pottery used by the Arabs was replaced with porcelain.The most critical transformation is to add the aroma function and shape it into many characters, animals, flowers, architecture, and other images. People can put their favorite perfume on it and then heat it, so that when it is heated, the perfume will quickly spread to the entire space, allowing everyone to bathe in the aromatherapy spa. With the scent of aromas coming out, the exhaustion of the day was taken away, and the soul was newly sublimated.


With the spread of this kind of lamp that can hold perfume throughout Europe, people have traditionally called it the aroma diffuser. At the same time, they have more choices in styles. They changed perfumes that evaporated too quickly into essential oils to achieve the purpose of maintaining fragrance for a long time.


aroma diffuser


Can aromatherapy lamps be used for a long time?

The aroma diffuser can be regarded as a small appliance. If the appliance is always working, the service life will be shortened. There is a light bulb in the aromatherapy diffuser. Each light bulb has its own service life. After this time, it will age, easily leak electricity, and even cause a fire. It can no longer be used.



The difference between an aroma diffuserand an aroma stove

1. The difference between an scented diffuser and an incense burner is that the scented diffuser heats the essential oil of the plant by the heat of the lamp, while the incense burner is heated by a candle. The aromatherapy diffuser works well because the heat of the aromatherapy diffuser can be adjusted for a long time. The candles in the incense burner are very small, and the candles need to be changed for one hour. The burning of candles will produce carbon dioxide and some gases that are bad for the human body. It is not environmentally friendly or safe.


2. Aromatherapy diffuser and aromatherapy furnaces have their own characteristics. The aromatherapy diffuser can be used as long as they have electricity. Even without essential oils, they can also be used as night lights. The aromatherapy furnace can be used even without electricity, but there is a safety hazard in candle heating.


3. Usb aroma essential oil diffuser use warm-light halogen lamps, and a part of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, so it consumes more electricity than energy-saving lamps. Generally, halogen lamps are 20-35 watts. It is not very wasteful of electricity.

aroma diffuser


In summary, we recommend that you use aromatherapy diffuser. If you have any questions about aromatherapy lamps, please contact us in time.

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