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Does the Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Work?

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Rats are one of the four pests, and their ability to reproduce and survive is extremely strong. How to effectively and scientifically eliminate them is a tricky matter. Ultrasonic mouse repeller technology combines the advantages of safety and high efficiency. For humans, we can't hear ultrasonic waves ourselves, and mice themselves are more sensitive to hearing, so they can hear ultrasonic waves. After we place a professional ultrasonic diffuser in our home, it can interfere with rats for 24 hours, and then play a role in killing rats. Scientific research also shows that the rat auditory system is very developed and can recognize ultrasonic waves that humans cannot recognize. Rats will generate certain ultrasonic waves during eating and mating. The use of ultrasonic rat repeller can effectively interfere with the mating and reproduction of rats and reduce the appetite of rats to achieve the purpose of expelling rats.

ultrasonic rat repeller

What is the working principle of the ultrasonic mouse repeller?

The hearing function of the rodent is very developed, and the usual activities rely on ultrasonic waves for communication. Generally speaking, ultrasonic waves are the language of rodents. The ultrasonic rodent repeller is an ultrasonic instrument capable of emitting frequencies of 20 to 50 Hz. Ultrasonic waves pest repeller in this range are just sounds that can't be tolerated by rats, which can cause significant stimulation of rats, for example, the sexual and appetite of rats are severely disturbed. To make the rat "panic", it can be said that the sound of the ultrasonic mouse repeller is no different from the "voice of death" for the rat. Rats that cannot tolerate the "harassment" of ultrasound will choose to leave "wisely", so as to achieve the function of repelling rats by ultrasound.

How effective is the ultrasonic mouse repeller?

In general, the hearing range of humans is below 20 Hz, and the regular frequency of ultrasonic mice repellers is above 30 Hz. Therefore, if a regular ultrasonic mouse repeller product is used, it will have a significant effect on rats without harming humans. There are many inferior ultrasonic mouse repellers on the market. Such inferior products are not only ineffective in repelling rats, but also are harmful to humans. Therefore, a qualified ultrasonic mouse repeller is theoretically effective for repelling rats. The same working principle as the ultrasonic rat repeller is the airport's ultrasonic bird repeller. This device has a long history of use and has played a very important role in maintaining airport security. From this point of view, this type of ultrasonic instrument is also effective in controlling rodents.

ultrasonic rat repeller

Is the ultrasonic mouse repeller harmful to the human body?

Generally speaking, the purpose of using an ultrasonic mouse repeller is to kill rats. Here, we must pay attention to whether the ultrasonic rodent repeller is harmful to the human body. As mentioned above, ultrasound waves above 30 Hz and below 50 Hz are harmful to rats and harmless to humans, or harm to humans is negligible. Of course, this is just a general statement, because some people in life who do have hearing that is different from ordinary people, and they can feel the annoyance of high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasonic mouse repellers will undoubtedly make such people live in irritability. For most ordinary people, the ultrasonic mouse repeller is not harmful to us.


Based on the above, rat harm has been accompanied by the development of human history for many years, and there are countless ways to eliminate rat harm. The ultrasonic rat repeller is a new type of equipment for dealing with rats based on the development of modern technology. It can be said that the ultrasonic rodent killer is useful and effective for rodent killing.

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