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Essential Oils Used in Cars

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Does that iconic "new car smell" make you unbearable? This is the result of the release of hundreds of chemicals! A general car contains dozens of chemicals (such as flame retardants and lead), which are emitted into the air that we breathe. These are linked to health problem from headaches to cancer and memory loss. Old-fashioned cars may not perform better because the flame retardant on the seat fabric degrades over time, releasing toxic dust into the air.


So keeping the car interior and air clean is the key to creating a healthier environment of the car. According to the data, we spend an average of more than 290 hours on vehicles annually.  Fortunately, there are other ways to reduce toxin exposure. Essential oils diffuser help purify the air and reduce bacteria and viruses on the surface of the car.


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Health benefits of essential oils (and safety instructions)

Essential oils don’t just smell good. They are powerful and concentrated substances that interact with our limbic system. After inhalation, essential oils made by air humidifier or diffuser humidifier can affect mood, thereby reducing stress and improving alertness (this is very useful when driving!). Different essential oils also have antibacterial properties which can eliminate harmful bacteria on the surface of the car. You will need a high-quality humidifier aroma diffuser, car air humidifier, etc.


However, great power comes with great responsibility. Some essential oils are not safe for young babies or infants, while others are not suitable for pregnant women.


When spreading among young children and babies, avoid the use of rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Having said that, cleaning car surfaces with these essential oils in advance is not a problem. (Just don’t use essential oil cleaners in the car when taking the child to travel. You should prepare a baby humidifier instead.)


Another important factor: the vehicle is a narrow enclosed space, so the smell can easily become concentrated. Although people may use a lot of oil in the house diffuser or evaporative humidifier to cover the whole living room, the oil required in the car is much less.


air humidifier purifier


Essential oil as a car air freshener

Conventional air fresheners are associated with some problems, including brain damage, cancer, and asthma. Essential oils provide a safe and effective alternative. These oils can also be safely spread around children. Choose your essential oils wisely and ensure that the brand is dependable. We recommend use phytotherapy essential oils and air humidifier purifier, especially their child-safe blends, to avoid guessing about the necessary uses for safety.



An easy way to refresh car air with essential oils

1. Pour a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball, and then plug it into the car vent.

2. Drop the essential oil onto the wooden clothespin, and then clip it to the car vent.

3. A small car diffuser can be plugged into a car power outlet.

4. Put some essential oil on the clay decoration and hang it on the car.

5. Car freshener made from essential oil and wool felt. Cut the felt into a certain shape, and then pass it through the perforated line on the top. Place the essential oil on the felt and hang it on the car, preferably on the vent.

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