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Essential Oils and Aroma Diffusers Keep You Away from Negative Emotions

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Stacking messy documents, repeatedly revising plans, and endless conference meetings. Neoteric, whether mind or body, are under great pressure. And if too much pressure cannot be relieved in time, often causing bad emotions, such as depression, irritability and so on.


If you want to return your life to a simple, calm and happy state, people who are tired of work may wish to adjust their body and mind with the help of fragrant essential oils and aroma oil diffuser to help themselves decompress and restore a good mood!


aroma oil diffuser


1. Steaming

At work, add the stable and emotional compound essential oil to 20 ml of clean water, mix it evenly and pour it into the aroma diffuser, let the essential oil molecules diffuse into the air with the water mist, create a stable and comfortable working environment, let you relax the tight nerves, regain more energy into new work.


75% of people's emotions are affected by taste, so fragrance physiotherapy also has unparalleled effects in preventing and treating "depressive mood". Among the many fragrance types, the following 4 are very suitable for eliminating "depressive mood".


Bergamot can make people feel energetic, fresh and happy by promoting blood circulation. In a rat experiment in Thailand in 2011, it was discovered that bergamot is a natural nemesis of "anxiety", and it has a very good effect in eliminating anxiety.


Lavender has been used for a long time in the prevention and treatment of "depressive mood". It can not only help people eliminate anxiety and depressive emotions, but also help people have a better sleep. This has effect on regulating emotions and improving immunity. More importantly, medicines used to treat depression and other mental diseases have side effects, and a study published in the international journal Psychiatry in Clinical Practice shows that lavender essential oil does not produce side effects when treating depression. A study of 28 high-risk patients with "postpartum depression" published by Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed that the subjects who conducted lavender essential oil diffusion at home had a significant decrease in anxiety and emotional out-of-control after 4 weeks. It is worth noting that the use of bergamot and lavender together has a more significant effect on soothing mood and lowering blood pressure.


Chamomile is one of the effective herbs for anti-stress and decompression, so chamomile is often found in many scented candles or other scent therapy products.


Ylang has a good effect on eliminating negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, and even jealousy. Inhaling Ylang fragrance can quickly help us build confidence, self-love, and happy mood.



aroma oil diffuser

2. Massage

Before going to bed at night, remember apply essential oil directly to the face, head, neck, shoulders and ribs. Then palm down, massage the head and neck. After that, hands outward, massage the two ribs and your shoulders. Finally return to the starting point, to release the stress and fatigue of the day.


Negative emotions cannot be eliminated by the word "forbearance". Only by releasing the pressure can the mental and physical burden be reduced. When you are trapped by stress, you should quickly use essential oils to release stress and relieve depression. 

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