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Evaluation of various mosquito repellent products

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Evaluation of various mosquito repellent products

The United States released a list of the deadliest animals with mosquitoes topping the list of the 15 deadliest animals, harming more people each year than all the other animals in the list combined, at 725,000. Not only that, the mosquitoes in the process of activity, possibly reach more than 80 kinds of diseases, including the four kind of disease is the most dangerous: malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis, chikungunya, the four kinds of the dangers of disease can be fatal, that malaria has been listed as who and AIDS, tuberculosis as one of the three big dangers of disease. And in summer, we are bitten by mosquito also cannot avoid, face on the market a variety of anti-mosquito products, which is the most suitable to use, let us through the safety review of anti-mosquito products, to understand them.



1. Electronic mosquito repellent

The advantages of electronic mosquito repellent are ease of use and long repellent time. It uses ultrasonic wave repels mosquito, when using, send out "buzz" sound, to the body harm is small. When we use it, we should try to avoid obstacles so that sound waves can spread and play a role. Our company's flagship products, aroma diffuser light and mosquito killer lamp, are all based on the principle of ultrasonic repellent, which has very little harm to human body.


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2. Mosquito aerosol

Mosquito aerosol has the best mosquito killing effect and can completely kill mosquitoes. This is the same as aroma diffuser's repellent principle. But it contains a certain amount of chemical substances, will pollute the air, also have certain harm to human body. It works best in a closed environment, but users need to avoid it for a while. It is recommended to spray before going out during the day, and open the window for ventilation after returning and stay in the room for some time.



3. Electric heating mat

It is very convenient to use, plug in. Mosquito repellent tablets are made from organic compounds and are not guaranteed to be completely harmless to the body. Parents should wait until the baby is more than 1 year old, and the baby room should not be used overnight. Do not use too close to the child's bedside, the room to timely ventilation. Our company's electric aroma diffuser is a very popular product. It can judge the effect of using aroma diffuser color changing, which is very convenient.



4. The mosquito bracelet

Bracelets are stylish, compact, and easy to carry, but their range is small. Babies like to explore the world with their mouths, so keep them from nibbling. Suitable for over 1 year old use, with other repellent mosquito supplies better effect, usually as a decorative wear is also good.



5. Electronic fly swatter

Use electric shock to eliminate mosquito, instantly kill strong. There are two types of rechargeable and battery, if the quality is not up to standard, after charging may be a moment of high voltage alternating current, causing the risk of electric shock. So, product quality is the most critical, do not give the baby as a toy, usually put the baby cannot get the place. This is the simplest direct pest repeller.


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6. Drive midge is stuck

Its effective range is small, the effect of repellent mosquito is not obvious, and the function of repellent mosquito bracelet is similar. To prevent children from tearing off accidental ingestion, it is best to stick on the back of the clothes. Also, don't stick it to your skin because it can cause irritation. Suitable for any age, mosquito repellent effect by the outside influence, but more convenient to use.

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