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Household Spray Bottle Machine Water and Salt Electrolyzer Container

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1. The water maker machine only takes 8 minutes to make a healthy and antibacterial liquid.
2. Low-concentration use method: 300ml water + 10g salt, electrolysis for 8 minutes, the concentration is about: 400mg / L
Standard concentration method of use: 300ml water + 15g salt, electrolysis for 8 minutes, the concentration is about 700mg / L
High-concentration use method: 300ml water + 22.5g salt, electrolysis for 8 minutes, the concentration is about 1000mg / L
  • DC-B015
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1. Wide Functions: Just add water and salt to produce disinfection solution by electrolysis, and evenly spray on the surface of the items or equipment that need to be disinfected. The liquid will naturally volatilize and there is no need to wash after use.
2. Safe Material: The water maker machine is made of PC safe material, which has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, transparency and flame resistance.
3. Charge at Any Time: The water maker machine itself has a waterproof USB charging port, which can be charged at any time, and then you can use it directly by pressing the button on the body, making your own clean, convenient and cost-effective disinfectant.
4. Portable Use: The detergent making machine is very small, which is convenient to carry. Detergent is able to produce three different differentials of water, low concentration, low standard concentration, and high concentration.
5. Multiple Features: The detergent making machine made of PC material. It's PC body has the characteristics of impact resistance, transparency, flame resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance.

Name: Disinfection Water Maker Machine

Scope: The spray bottle is ideal for cleaning, which is suitable for home or industrial sprinkler equipment. It is suitable for 

cleaning windows, kitchen tableware, computer screens or tables. It can also be used as an air freshener to add fragrance 

to any house or office. Suitable for home, restaurant, school, office and beauty salon.

Use times: infinite loop use
Voltage: 5V; power: 3.55W ;capacity: 300ml
Size: about 23.8 * 9.3cm/9.37*3.66in
Material: PC material
Application: bathroom, kitchen, tableware, door handle, children's toys, etc.


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