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How Aromatherapy Improves Coughing And Purifies The Respiratory

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In the cold weather, the elderly at home long-term smoking or chronic bronchitis will cough, and children will cough because of cold, and the continuous haze weather makes everyone's respiratory tract feel itchy, what is the method of aromatherapy products can help relieve it? Before, we shared a recipe with sweet almond oil and calendula soaked oil that are mild and full of sunlight as the base oil. Frankincense essential oil helps purify and repair the respiratory mucosa. Lemon helps boost the respiratory immune system. Real lavender contains a large amount of agarwood acetate can soothe emotions and smooth muscle spasms. Luo Wensha leaf is a combination of the advantages of oxides and phenolic chemical components. It has good antiviral bacteria and eliminates infection and inflammation. In addition to the warm spice flavor and nutmeg, nutmeg can also help relieve the symptoms of respiratory allergies.

But before you decide to choose this oil for respiratory maintenance, please read the following thoughts carefully before starting your aroma journey.

1. Coughing is a reflex action of the bronchus, the purpose is to remove dust, pollen or excessive mucus that obstructs the respiratory tract. Therefore, cough itself is a self-protection function of the human body. From this perspective, we should not intentionally suppress cough.

2. The humid winter cold climate and air pollution in southern China, as well as the haze formed by the two, are the main causes of bronchitis and various respiratory problems. In addition, smoking is also one of the main causes of cough.

3. Sometimes, inflammation of the throat mucous membrane can cause a dry cough, which makes people cough to death but cannot cough. Sometimes the sputum cough originally caused by acute upper respiratory tract infection, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, will gradually become a dry cough without sputum, and this dry cough is easy to last for a long time. In addition, physical and psychological stress may also cause coughing. Coughing symptoms like pertussis are caused by swollen lymph pressure.

In diffuser essential oil aromatherapy, there are many essential oils that can soothe the throat and bronchial tubes, dissolve tissue sputum, and allow patients to easily cough up sputum. Most of these essential oils are resin-based essential oils. There are also many essential oils that have a very good effect on coughs caused by bacterial infections, such as thymol thyme and rowan leaf. Of course, there is also a class of essential oils, which make them an important choice for the treatment of cough symptoms for the relaxation of mood and smooth muscle. This class of essential oils includes lavender, marjoram, sandalwood, nutmeg, and long wormwood.

1. In the early stage of dry cough caused by bacterial infection, the effect of using steam inhalation method is very good. The essential oils that can be selected are thymol thyme, east Indian sandalwood, blue gum eucalyptus, etc., if it is elderly and children, it is recommended to choose Luo Wensha leaf , Australia Eucalyptus, thyme thyme, etc., because their chemical molecules are more abundant, of course, it will be relatively mild. Choose any of the above essential oils and use hot water steam to assist inhalation, the effect will be better. The specific method is to choose a basin larger than the face, add 3-5 drops of essential oil after adding hot water, and then cover the large The towel smelled of steam. (It should be noted that children must use this method under the supervision of adults to avoid burns, etc.) Of course, they have also added essential oils to the negative ion aroma diffuser or aroma sprayer at night, allowing essential oil molecules to float in the air. It will be help for the dry cough.

2. If the cough has been going on for a while and there is no obvious infection problem, in addition to fumigation and inhalation, it is also recommended to insist on blending several essential oils into compound essential oils, and massage the throat and chest every morning and evening, the effect will be better. This method also has a good maintenance effect on chronic pharyngitis and lung infection caused by long-term smoking.

oils aromatherapy

3. In addition, drinking hot honey lemon juice or some traditional herbal tea can also help to smooth the sensitive throat problem. Ginger boiled water is also a good drink. It can alleviate the respiratory tract sensitivity caused by the invasion of moisture. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, mucus is also a kind of human body's own moisture. Soaking feet with ginger essential oil before bed every day is also a good way to promote circulation and get rid of dampness. You can consult a Chinese medicine practitioner or natural therapist around you to let them give you better advice.

4. You also need to do some work in the living environment and diet. People with acute bronchitis or dry cough are best to rest in bed and keep warm. You need to avoid any irritants that cause cough, such as smoke, dust and very Dry air. If it is in an air-conditioned room, it is recommended to evaporate some water vapor in the room. You can use a aroma diffuser humidifier or directly boil water in the room with an electric pot. In the north, where there is heating, you can also put a basin of hot water on the heating. Only when the air in the room is full of moistness that the patient can breathe more comfortably and smoothly. Of course, if you add some of the essential oils just mentioned in the water, the effect is better.

5. In terms of diet, attention should be paid to avoid foods that are likely to cause eye fluid secretion, including dairy products, refined starch, etc. Food additives, such as chemical flavors, pigments, and preservatives, will also cause a large amount of mucus secretion, and should avoid eating packaged snacks. In addition, fruits that belong to the cold nature should also be avoided. In winter, especially the off-season fruits such as watermelon, dragon fruit and banana, or non-locally grown fruits, do not choose. It is recommended that you can eat more local food and fruits and vegetables , It is recommended to eat raw or slightly cooked food, intake of vitamin C and other nutrients.

oils aromatherapy

Finally, it should be emphasized that oils aromatherapy does not replace the orthodox medicine. It can be a good auxiliary treatment method. If there is persistent infection and fever, and other unpredictable conditions, please consult a doctor in time to avoid delaying treatment. In addition, natural remedies may not be effective for all groups of people. The recommendations we give are for reference only and do not guarantee their exact efficacy.

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