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How Do You Know the Functions of Humidifiers?

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The air humidifier is a product that consumers particularly love in winter. It can make the dry environment more humid. But the function of the small humidifier is not so simple. It can not only scientifically moisturize the air, but also filter harmful particles in the air, thereby purifying the air, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, effectively improving human immunity, creating fresh air, and protecting the health of consumers and family members. In addition to the above-mentioned humidification and other functions, the wireless humidifier can also be used for beauty and skin care, replenish body moisture in time, reduce the loss of body surface moisture, and thus bring smooth and beautiful skin.


Here Are the Four Magical Functions of Humidifiers.


1. Prevention and Treatment of Diseases

1) Add Banlangen granules, Houttuynia cordata injection or antiviral oral liquid or Shuanghuanglian oral liquid at a ratio of 1:20 in the water tank of the portable humidifier to effectively prevent influenza.


2) Add a few drops of vinegar to the water tank of the aroma diffuser humidifier, which can sterilize and prevent colds.


3) Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the water tank of the cool mist humidifier, which can effectively relieve children's nasal congestion.

ultrasonic air humidifier


4) You can use the humidifier steam to spray on the burns area to cool down and relieve pain.


5) Add light salt water to the water tank of the wireless ultrasonic humidifier, which can relieve sore throat and chronic pharyngitis.


6) The ultrasonic air humidifier can be used as a medical atomizer to treat patients with pharyngitis.


7) It can treat dry eye disease. Use a humidifier to smoke the eyes, and the treating effect is very good.


8) Humidifiers can increase the body's immunity while increasing the humidity in the air.


2. Moisturizing and Whitening

1) Add 3 or 4 drops of lemon essential oil to the water tank of the , which can regulate women's skin and whiten it.


2) Facing the essential oil humidifierair outlet of the humidifier, it will calm and moisturize the skin after 5-10 minutes.


3) When applying a facial mask, it will be absorbed better with a humidifier.


4) Let the humidifier steam gently spray on the face, add moisture and then apply skin care products for better effects.


5) After applying makeup, spray the water mist on the face to moisturize and set makeup.


6) After spraying and humidifying the hair, apply the styling water, which is fluffy and convenient.


7) Add a little perfume to the water tank of the air refresher humidifier, and rose essential oil can be perfumed.


3. Home Decoration

1) Add a small amount of orange peel to the humidifier to add fragrance to the room and refresh the air.


2) For newly decorated houses, adding vinegar to the humidifier can reduce the smell of decoration.


3) When decorating in the dry season, place a humidifier in the room to prevent cracking of the newly painted wall.

ultrasonic air humidifier


4. Daily Life

1) Add lavender essential oil to the water tank of the humidifier to improve sleep quality.


2) The humidifier has the function of cleaning jewelry.


3) Humidifying the room can keep wooden furniture or appliances from deforming.


4) It can be used as a spray to moisturize flowers and leaves.


5) When cutting onions, turn on the humidifier next to it to avoid tears.


6) Put a humidifier next to the computer to eliminate static electricity.


7) Spray on the computer screen to remove radiation and static dust.


8) The humidifier blows the stamp on the envelope to ensure the integrity of the stamp.


9) The clothes to be ironed are placed in the spray nozzle of the humidifier, which is more convenient for ironing.


10) Reduce indoor smoke and dust.


11) Flower shops can use humidifiers to keep flowers fresh, fruit shops can also use humidifiers to keep fruits fresh.

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