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How Does a Humidifier Become an Office Necessity?

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The development of science and technology has greatly promoted the improvement of our lives, making our lives more convenient and comfortable. For the indoor drying problem, humidifiers came into being and entered millions of households, becoming the essential products for office and home. The emergence of the convenient humidifier has become a good helper for us to solve the drying problem.


In the autumn and winter seasons, when the temperature drops, the north heats and the south turns on air conditioning, the indoor air humidity gradually decreases. The office is a place that is easy to make people nervous. Stressful work can make people feel annoyed and the air feels dry, so it is necessary to put a humidifier if conditions permit.



Humidifier is an essential item in the office


In recent years, with the subdivision of application scenarios, the appearance and function of the humidifier have also changed greatly. Early humidifiers were usually large and clumsy in appearance. They focused on their functionality and used space mainly at home. When the application scene of the humidifier is moved from home to the office, the interior of the car, etc., the volume of the humidifier also decreases, and the appearance changes more. It is mainly based on the cute shapes that women love.


The data shows that the rising consumer demand for office humidifiers is very obvious. We can see that among the people who buy humidifiers, the proportion of company employees is the highest. The main consumer groups who buy humidifiers are mainly female white-collar workers, mostly aged 18-29. This is mainly due to the higher proportion of women in the office.


The demand for humidifiers is also related to the human body's own perception of the surrounding environment. Generally, when the indoor humidity reaches 45% -65% and the temperature is 20-25 degrees Celsius, the human body and mind are in a good state, which has an ideal effect on work. If you are in an air-conditioning or heating office for a long time, the humidity is usually only about 30%. Not only the skin will become very dry, but also symptoms such as sore throat and rhinitis. Therefore, summer and winter seasons, white-collar workers' demand for humidifiers will increase.


 At present, there are many types of humidifiers on the market, such as dehumidification, built-in aroma therapy function, high face value, and convenience. These are the main advantages for office staff to choose a humidifier.

office humidifiers


 After a user survey, a company roughly obtained the following product characteristics of office humidifiers: "The majority of women in the office use humidifiers, because women prefer skin care, and most humidifiers have high-value, beautiful and cute shapes, and work in the workplace. When you are tired, you can also play and relax. The office humidifier does not need too complicated functions. It is convenient to use and the price is cheaper than a domestic humidifier, about 100 yuan. "


In addition to increasing air humidity, beautiful appearance, multiple functions, and affordable prices, the popularity of humidifiers has a lot to do with the improvement of white-collar workers' awareness of air quality. The office space is relatively closed, and the air circulation can only rely on the operation of the fresh air system and air conditioner. It cannot guarantee a constant and appropriate humidity in the room.


White-collar workers spend more time indoors than outdoors and need to pay more attention to indoor air quality. Therefore, attention on air quality has not only focused on PM2.5, but also began to focus on a healthier and comfortable breathing environment.


In addition, from the perspective of e-commerce sales, mute humidifiers are indeed a more popular product in office humidifiers. Especially in quiet office scenarios, consumers have a greater demand for mute. At present, most consumers are more concerned about the two functions of the humidifier, "sterilizing" and "adding water". The "sterilization" function is more inclined to the mother and infant group with higher requirements on the air environment. "Add water" is an advanced function of the humidifier in the office scene.


Prior to this, most humidifiers need to pick up the water tank when filling it, fill the bottom of the water tank upside down, and close the lid. This process is very tedious, and it is easy to spill water during the process of adding water, and the water tank is not easy to clean. When the water injection port is designed above the water tank, the method of adding water changes from the bottom to "add water", which is easy to operate and easy to clean. This method is more suitable for office personnel to operate.



Questions to consider when choosing a humidifier


After the humidifier has become just needed in autumn and winter, many people will have many doubts about selection and operation. When using the humidifier, everyone also encountered various problems, and said that the humidifier is not a panacea for air humidity, and improper use will also bring many hidden dangers.


For example, if the water quality is hard in some areas, a long-term use of the humidifier will cause a layer of "white powder" on the desktop. This is the product of the minerals contained in tap water after being humidified by a humidifier. Once it enters the lungs, severe inflammation will occur in the lungs. In response to this situation, multi-effect water purification filters and humidifiers for anion-bactericidal water tanks have appeared on the market to filter impurities in hard water, making spray water, spray cleaner and reducing physical harm.

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