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How To Choose A Aroma Diffuser For Young Children

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In winter, the weather will get very dry. The dry air will not only cause harm to young children's skin, but also be very unhealthy to children's respiratory tract. Therefore, many parents will choose to use aroma diffuser to increase indoor air humidity. But there are rumors that aroma diffuser causes pneumonia in young children, and this article will tell you how to choose the right aroma diffuser.



The Benefits of Using Aroma Diffuser For Young Children

For young children, if the air in the house is dry and the humidity is less than 20%, parents can use aroma diffuser indoors to increase the aultrasonic vibrator for humidifier. Because the skin thickness of young children is only one tenth of that of adults, the moisture in the skin is easy to be lost, so the dry air can cause the skin to dry and crack, thus causing skin pain. Aroma diffuser can effectively relieve these symptoms. At the same time, young children can breathe the moisture in the air that released by the aroma diffuser, and keep the respiratory tract moist, reduce the discomfort of the upper respiratory tract, and reduce the probability of young children getting sick.



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How To Use Aroma Diffuser For Young Children

Humidifier mini usb causes pneumonia in young children because of improper use. Parents need to pay attention to the following when using humidifier with music player.


1. Don't add vinegar to the water tank of aroma diffuser: Some parents heard that vinegar has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, and then add vinegar to the water tank of the aroma diffuser to reduce the risk of young children getting sick. In fact, vinegar contains a very low concentration of acetic acid, so there is no disinfection effect in vinegar at all. Blindly adding vinegar to the the water tank of the aroma diffuser will make the home full of acrid flavor of vinegar, affecting the smell of young children. In addition, this may also stimulate the respiratory tract of young children, resulting in respiratory diseases of young children.


2. Don't use aroma diffuser for long: Prolonged use of aroma diffuser is not good for human health. Families with long-term use of aroma diffuser should place a hygrometer at home and keep indoor humidity within a certain range. At the same time, the water in the aroma diffuser should be replaced every day, and parents should often disinfect the aroma diffuser.


3. Use clean water: Because tap water contains a lot of bacteria, it is best to use pure water to add to the water tank of the aroma diffuser.


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How To Choose Aroma Diffuser For Young Children

1. Choose the easy-to-clean aroma diffuser: Young children are less immune than adults, so regular cleansing of aroma diffuser reduces the bacteria in the mist, reducing the risk of disease in young children.


2. Choose the aroma diffuser with hard shell: The aroma diffuser with hard shell is not easy to be broken. If you choose aroma diffuser made of fragile materials such as glass or ceramics, it is easy to harm young children when the aroma diffuser breaks.

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