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How To Maintain Humidifier

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How To Maintain Humidifier

In daily life, many people will buy a humidifier for their homes to increase the humidity of the indoor air. But after the humidifier is used too long, some dirt will be accumulated into its water tank, which will affect the effect of the humidifier and even cause damage to the humidifier. Therefore, we need to clean and maintain the new style humidifier regularly. But do you know how to clean and maintain the humidifier? The following will tell you how the humidifier is cleaned and maintained.



How To Clean The Humidifier

1. Before cleaning the humidifier, be sure to unplug the humidifier's power supply first. If you accidentally drop water on the power supply, there may be a leakage accident, endangering the lives of people.


2. Take the humidifier apart, at this time aroma oil diffuser humidifier is divided into two parts, one part is the base of the humidifier, the other part is the water tank of the humidifier.


the humidifier

3. When cleaning the water tank of the humidifier, it is necessary to first pour the remaining water in the water tank, and then add a certain amount of water and detergent to the water tank, while shaking it evenly, so that the detergent can be fully dissolved. Then you can wipe the wall of the water tank with a towel, after wiping it, you can rinse the water tank with clean water.


4. When cleaning the base of the humidifier, be sure not to pour water into the humidifier's tuyere. You just need to add a little water to the base sink, then add a proper amount of detergent, and then wipe the sink with a towel.


5. When the incrustation appears on the humidifier's atomizer plates, you can use white vinegar to fully dissolve the incrustation, and then use a towel to clean the atomizer plates.


6. Finally use clean water to wash the humidifier several times, so that the whole air humidifier is cleaned.



How to Maintain The Humidifier

1. When using a humidifier, it is best to add purified water to the water tank. Because the tap water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, these ions will form incrustation in the water tank and on the atomizer plates, which will affect the humidification effect of the humidifier and even damage the humidifier.


2. Water in the water tank of humidifier for greenhouse needs to be replaced regularly when using the humidifier. If the water in the water tank is placed for too long, the water quality is easy to change, which leads to the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, the water in the water tank should not be placed for too long.

purified water


3. The water on the surface and in the water tank of the humidifier needs to be dried after using the humidifier. Then place the humidifier in a cool and ventilated place to dry.


When using the humidifier, it is necessary to check whether there is incrustation on the float valve of the humidifier, because the weight of the float valve will increase after scaling, which will affect the normal operation of the humidifier

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