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How to Choose Electronic Pest Repeller

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How do you drive away mosquitoes in your home in the summer? If there are no mosquitoes in your home, it's really a happy thing. But in summer, there are mosquitoes in most people's homes, so it's important to drive away the mosquitoes. There are many kinds of mosquito repellent products on the market now, such as electronic pest repeller, mosquito incense and so on. In these products, mosquito incense will release smoke at home, which will cause slight damage to the human body, and the greenlund pest repeller is convenient to use, high mosquito repellent efficiency, will not harm human health, so the effective natural mosquito repellent is the first choice for many people. The following will show how to choose an electronic pest repeller.


Pest Repeller

Pay Attention to the Label of the Product

The role of electronic pest repellers is to drive away or kill the mosquitoes. Therefore, when choosing the electronic fly repellent, we should first to see whether it is qualified, whether there is a certificate of eligibility and other technical marking, such as: the model of the product, rated voltage, rated power, standards, certification labels, manufacturer address, contact number and other such information. As long as the product is produced by the regular manufacturer, these product information will be marked on the packaging of the insect repellent frequency.



Materials of Shell

The shell material of fly repellent is generally ABS material, this material is not only smooth, beautiful, strong, but also flame retardant. The shell of inferior products is generally made of waste plastic, and the waste plastic will not be treated twice. It may produce some harmful gas when used, which will affect the health of the user.



Working Principle of Product

Different electronic pest repellers work differently. Some products use ultrasound to drive away mosquitoes, while others use light to attract and kill mosquitoes. When choosing, choose the product suitable for the home environment. The sound produced by the ultrasonic electronic pest repeller when working is not heard by the human ear, so it will not affect people's daily life and is suitable for use at home. UV electronic pest repeller will emit bright light when used, and will also make noise when killing the mosquitoes, suitable for use in restaurants and other places.



Structure of Product

The structure of the electronic pest repeller should be reasonable, otherwise the mosquito is easy to escape. Choose a product shaped like a funnel that attracts mosquitoes to the ultrasonic pest repeller and is hard to escape. Some products are even equipped with hair dryers, which can blow mosquitoes into pest repeller and improve the efficiency of killing mosquitoes.


fly repeller


Capacity of Product

The mosquitoes killed by the electronic pest repeller will be temporarily stored in a box that can be disassembled. When there are too many mosquitoes in the box, you need to take the box out and pour the mosquitoes out and clean the box. If the capacity of the box is too small, the mosquito repellent products may emit some odour when working. 

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