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How to Choose Mosquito Repellent Products for Children?

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The effectiveness of mosquito repellent for children depends on what the repellent ingredients are. Deet, pecaridin, phthalate, lemon eucalyptus oil and methyl nonylketone are the ingredients approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Deet and phthalate are commonly used in children's mosquito repellent products. Both are chemical ingredients, and their dosage is strictly controlled.


Deet products are banned in Canada for infants under 6 months of age. Children between 6 months and 2 years of age can use it only once a day and at concentrations not exceeding 10 percent. Children aged 2 to 12 should not use it more than three times a day and the concentration should not exceed 10%. The maximum concentration that can be used by children and adults older than 12 years is 30%. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a slightly more lenient rule that deet-containing products should not be used by children under 2 months of age, and that concentrations should not be greater than 30 percent for children and adults older than 2 months.


In general, the use of deet concentration must be controlled within 30%. Phthalate is less irritating than deet but it also should not be used on babies under 2 months of age.


However, many parents are sensitive to chemicals. Many natural fly repellent products, featuring non-toxic, no stimulation, are favored by parents. There are many different forms of chemical and natural mosquito repellent.


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1. Spray or Ball Repellent


These two kinds of indoor mosquito repellent products are very convenient to carry and the usage is simple, which are more commonly used, and it also can be a mosquito repellent for yard. Just apply directly to clothing or bare arms and legs. However, it is important to note that the baby will be inhaled when spraying with spray. If the baby has respiratory disease, it is better not to choose types.


2. Repellent Cream or Repellent Lotion


This cream or lotion can be applied on the baby's bare skin when going out, and the coverage is wider. The cream repellent is a little bit harder, but it still has the effect of relieving itching, also it can also be used after bitten by mosquitoes.It is one of the best mosquito repellent for home.


3. Repellent Patches and Repellent Buckles


Repellent patches and repellent buckles have the same effect. They work by volatilizing essential oils or odors from pills. Repellent stickers can be attached to clothes, and repellent buckles can be pinned to clothes. The former is easy to lose, the latter is more convenient. Its essential oil is built-in and volatilizes slowly. It should be sealed after use to extend the service life. It's also waterproof, but it cannot be soaked for a long time. It is an effective natural mosquito repellent.


4. Mosquito Repellent Bracelet


The mosquito repellent bracelet is worn on the wrist and it is usually made from natural citronella essential oil, so it is also a kind of natural fly repellent. Its effective time is relatively long and the pill can be replaced, so it is more cost-effective. Its waterproof style is also available, whose effect will not disappear even if the baby swims or goes to the beach. It is usually worn with buttonholes or Velcro, both of which are suitable for babies.


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5. Electronic Mosquito Repellent


The electronic mosquito repellent has a long life. It can be strapped to a crib or worn on your baby's wrist or ankle. But some products are too large and it can interfere with activity if placed on babies. There are two types of electronic mosquito repellent devices. One is to use a built-in fan with tablets for mosquito repellent, whose tablets can be changed separately. The other is to imitate the vibration of dragonfly wings to achieve the effect of mosquito repellent, but the effect is not very obvious. Its advantage is that there is no mosquito repellent ingredients in it.

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