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How to Choose a Humidifier?

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1. Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier uses high frequency oscillation to break up water into extremely small particles. And then particles will be blew by the pneumatic device into air and become spray, which can hydrate air.

The advantages of ultrasonic air humidifier are: (1) large quantity of humidification; (2) high humidification efficiency; (3) humidification significantly faster results. It is better to choose the humidifiers with water mineral substance processing function. Otherwise, people' health may be influenced by mineral substance and germs in water. There is an important point that needs to be noticed is that do not choose cheap ultrasonic humidifiers unless you put distilled water in it. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is popular in market nowadays because of high cost-efficiency and many choices of good-looking appearances, such as mushroom humidifier, plant humidifier and USB car humidifier.



2. Steam Humidifier

Steam humidifier heats water to change it into steam and sent the steam into air. The advantage of steam humidifier is that it can make warm fog with no dust/mineral substance/germs to hydrate air. However, steam humidifier needs to be cleaned up regularly to keep it work efficiency. This type of humidifier is suitable for hospital humidification and industrial humidification.



3. No-mist Humidifier

No-mist humidifier uses humidification net to absorb water from the tank. Dry air becomes hydrating when passes the humidification net and the air fan will blow hydrating air into air. However, this kind of humidifier has obvious disadvantages: (1) unstable humidification; (2) needs to be cleaned up timely; (3) usually the size of it is big so large space required. The humidification amount is in direct proportion to its size so no-mist humidifier is suitable for large area humidification. For example, it is common to use humidifier carto hydrate and clean air in the city.



4. Air Cleaner

Air cleaner uses special humidification fan to hydrate air. In the upper part, the rotational humidification fan brings volatilized water into air and absorbs the impurities in air. In the bottom part, humidification fan was cleaned in the tank. This type of humidifier is common in Western countries but is not common at inland. The advantages of it are: (1) no-mist humidification; (2) no need to change the humidification fan; (3) good-looking and functional air humidifier with mini body no need for much spaces.


In conclusion, choose a humidifier that is the most suitable for you is a considerable question. It is need to be surveyed before. Here are four the most popular humidifier kinds in market now. Choose a humidifier with excellent quality can be beneficial for health and life environment.


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