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How to Choose the Essential Oil That is Most Suitable for You

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Tired from work? Exhausted from study? How about relax yourself in a room filled with aroma? If you feel tired, you can buy an essential oil aroma diffuser, and help yourself relax. There are many kinds available such as electric aroma diffuser, bluetooth aroma diffuser, wireless aroma diffuser, rechargeable aroma diffuser and cordless aroma diffuser. You can choose them according to your own likes. Besides, if you fancy the aroma diffuser made from a particular material, you will be surprise to find that there are marble aroma diffuser, wood aroma diffuser, glass bottle aroma diffuser and ceramic aroma diffuser.


The development history of essential oil

China has a long history of using incense, and it can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, people started to burn incense in their daily lives, so gradually burning incense has become an art, which includes incense tuning art, incense making art and incense evaluating art. With the development of science and technology, the process of using incense has simplified. People now extract pure essence from natural plants and the process is elegant, organic and healthy.



The functions of essential oil

Essential oils can prevent inflammation and promote cell metabolism. Some essential oils can also regulate endocrine, promote hormone secretion, relieve and lift the mood. The particles of essential oil are small, so they are volatile. After atomizing and dispersing through the aroma diffuser, the essential oil can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, stimulate the nerves, soothing the mood and refreshing the mind. With the help of aroma diffuser, essential oils can play its biggest role.


However, despite all the benefits of essential oils, people should not choose essential oils blindly.




Kinds of essential oils

Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil has a refreshing fragrance, which helps to refresh the mind and spirit. If you have worked for a long time, and have tired yourself, you can use lemon essential oil to lift your spirit and clear your head. Moreover, the lemon essential oil can also purify the air, make air smell fresh and pleasant.


Mint essential oil

Mint essential oil also has a refreshing smell. It can stimulate your brain and make people feel relaxed. It can improve your headaches and relieve the symptoms of cold or flu. So it’s very suitable for late risers, people with flu and headaches.



The biggest effect of frankincense in traditional Chinese medicine is to treat dysmenorrhea syndrome. It has wood fragrance and fruit scent and can make people relax. It is most suitable for those who are prone to be irritated, frustrated and sad because of its soothing effects.



If you like to be in aromatic environment and want to relax yourself at home, you can get an aroma diffuser according to your preferences. However, after getting a diffuser, you should pay much attention to choosing essential oils. I hope you can learn to choose your own essential oils after reading this article.

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