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How to Choose the Right Humidifier

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Why do we need a humidifier?

The human body is very sensitive to humidity and its changes. Maintaining proper humidity can inhibit the growth and spread of germs, and help improve immunity.


Living in an environment with low humidity, people might feel uncomfortable and may also have reactions such as allergies, asthma and immune system diseases. If you want to improve the indoor air humidity, air humidifier might help you.



Types of humidifies in the market:

Ultrasonic humidifier: atomize water by ultrasonic oscillation to increase humidity, quick, relatively cheap and has obvious spray. Its shortcoming is that it has requirements for water quality, the water is best to be pure water or distilled water. If tap water is added, white powder might appear. Using tap watering for too long may do harm to people with weak respiratory tract.


Pure humidifier: no spray, produce no white powder and scale, low power rate, equipped with air circulation system and humidifier filter, can filter air and kill bacteria.



What you should pay attention to:


The price of the humidifier ranges from one hundred yuan to one thousand yuan, and many products have special prices. You can choose the price according to your own need.

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We should pay attention to these functions when choosing a humidifier.

Automatic protection device: In order to ensure safety, the humidifier must be equipped with an automatic protection device. The humidifier will automatically stop humidification when there is insufficient water in the water tank of the humidifier.


Humidity meter: In order to monitor the indoor humidity, some humidifiers are equipped with humidity meter to help users know the indoor humidity status.


Constant temperature function, when the indoor humidity is lower than the standard range, the machine starts to humidify, and if the humidity is higher than the standard range, the amount of mist is reduced to stop working.


Low noice: Humidifier working too loud will affect sleep, it is best to choose a low-noise humidifier


Filtering function: when tap water is added into a humidifier without filtering function, water mist will produce white powder, polluting indoor air. Therefore, a humidifier with a filtering function is suitable for use.

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It is also very important to keep the humidifier, room and water clean. Humidifiers must be washed often. Otherwise, molds and microorganisms in the humidifier will enter the air, and then enter the human respiratory tract, and cause humidifier pneumonia.


When using a humidifier, it is best not to keep the machine on 24 hours a day, and the amount of humidification should be controlled between 300 and 350 ml per hour.


Humidifiers should work between 10 and 40 degrees. When the humidifier is working, keep it away from other home appliances, heat sources and corrosives.


If you have arthritis or diabetes, it is best not to use a humidifier because humid air will make the condition worse.


If you are buying humidifiers for you family, you should choose a humidifier for home, and if you are buying it for yourself, a mini humidifier should be enough, or better, a portable mini humidifier.


After reading this article, I hope you will know how to choose the right humidifiers, and if you do, I am sure you will, keep these little tips in mind for the safety of you and your family members or friends.

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