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How to Clean the Aroma Diffuser

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Many people often use the air cooler aroma humidifier, but it will produce a lot of scale inside it after a long time, which will block the mist outlet and affect the normal use of the machine. You can add a little vinegar to the best smelling scent aroma diffuser to dissolve it in water, then turn on the power to heat it, dump it, and then wipe it with a clean towel to remove dirt. It can also be washed with handmade soap. Let's learn the cleaning method of the ultrasound aroma diffuser together.


air cooler aroma humidifier


Does the aroma diffuser need cleaning?

With the use of the electric home use aroma diffuser, most essential oils will enter the air, and a small amount of essential oils will remain in the instrument. As time goes by, in such a humid environment, the residual essential oil will become thick due to oxidation, especially the oxidation reaction of some citrus essential oils and resin essential oils will be more obvious. After the oxidation of essential oils, not only does it not have bactericidal effect, but also becomes a source of nutrients for bacteria. In addition, these pollutants will also precipitate, blocking the fog outlet, affecting the normal use of the electric aroma diffuser machine. So for your health, please clean the aroma diffuser once a week.



How to clean the aroma diffuser?

Here is the simplest method:

Step 1: Disconnect the power

Safety first, be sure to disconnect the power before cleaning the aroma diffuser.

Step 2: Add water

The amount of water added should be lower than the maximum water level.

Step 3: Add a little vinegar

Essential oil oxides remain in the aroma diffuser, and white vinegar can effectively decompose these substances.

Step 4: Turn on the music essential aroma diffuser

Turn on the power and let the aroma diffuser run for ten minutes to allow the ultrasonic wave to fully oscillate.

Step 5: Pour out the water (vinegar solution) in the aroma diffuser

Turn off the aroma diffuser, then disconnect the power plug, and pour out the water in the machine.

Step 6: Wipe inside and outside

Use a towel or cotton pad, dip in vinegar, and wipe the inside and outside of the aroma diffuser.

Step 7: Wipe clean

Dry the aroma diffuser with a dry towel, paper towel or cotton pad. Next, you can quietly enjoy aroma brought by the aroma diffuser!


air cooler aroma humidifier


Here is another method:

Simply clean the used glass bottles with handmade soap and repeat about 2 or 3 times. Prepare a pot, put tap water in, the initially washed glass bottle, and add a drop of tea tree essential oil. Boiling water is used to disinfect and further clean the oil stains. After boiling the hot water in the pot for about 3-5 minutes, take out the used glass bottle to dry. Tip: Aromatherapy bottles cleaned with handmade soap are very environmentally friendly, because handmade soap is made from vegetable oil and does not contain artificial chemical ingredients. The skill of drying glass bottles: Take out the bottle while the water is boiling, because water vapor is easy volatilization, the hotter of the water, the dryer of the moisture. Tea tree essential oil is an essential oil that is commonly used for disinfection and sterilization. 

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