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How to Make Essence Oils Spread

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How to Make Essence Oils Spread

Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy. It affects sleeping, sterilization, refreshing, soothing emotions, regulating endocrine release of people, and adding fragrance in the room.

aromatherapy lamp

In addition to a lot of finished products, such as aroma essential oil diffuser, cane aromatherapy, aromatherapy stickers, and aromatherapy sprays. Another major aromatherapy application is to utilize the original pure essential oil directly or with the aid of some aroma diffuser. But in addition to the more popular electric aroma diffuser in recent years, what else can pure essential oil use to make aromatherapy?



Aromatherapy Burner


It's usually called a stove to distinguish it from an aromatherapy lamp.

The usage of aroma burner is to add aroma diffuser oil and proper water into the upper container, and then by the high temperature of the bottom candle to volatilize it to the whole room for aromatherapy.


The advantages of aroma oil diffuser are that it is romantic, eye-catching, simple operation, no need to power on, affordable.


The disadvantage of this kind of burner is that there is open fire for the device. And it is better to pay attention to fire prevention.



Aromatherapy Lamp


The usage is basically the same as the aromatherapy burner by adding essential oils and proper amount of water into the upper container. The only the difference is that heating device is replaced by a lighting bulb.


The advantages of aromatherapy lamp are that it is warm and romantic, simple operation, affordable, various styles, can be used as decorations


The disadvantages are that the car aroma is needed to be powered on, and there is usually general electric wire existed. Besides, if you forget to add essential oil and water, it is much easier to burn the container constantly.


The above two tools are based on the principle of heating, and the theory of following waterless aroma diffuser will be based on the principle of natural ventilation.


aroma diffuser


Expanded Fragrant Wood


The usage of the fragrant wood is to drop the essential oil aroma diffuser on the expanded fragrant wood, and lay it up in the room, car, wardrobe, studio, etc., so as to make it volatilize naturally to the whole space.


The advantages of fragrant wood are very friendly operation, and decoration of the fragrant wood is usually beautiful and it can be applied to many scenes. The fragrance of fragrant wood can last very long time. So wood aroma diffuser is a good choice for you.

The disadvantages are that if the environmental temperature is not high enough, and it's a little hard to spread the essential oil from fragrant wood.




The usage of gypsum is that firstly drop the essential oil on the modeled plaster, and put it in the room, car, wardrobe, studio and other places to make it volatilize naturally to the whole space


The advantages of gypsum are the material could be in various styles, usually it can be made in small shape, and it is convenient to use. If you are interested in this, you can contact us and custom aroma diffuser.


The disadvantages of gypsum are that it is much easier to be contaminated and damaged.

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