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How to Select A Suitable Humidifier?

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With so many types of humidifiers on the market, how do you choose the one that suits you? Only by looking at the essence through the phenomenon and understanding its working principle can we buy more assuredly.


Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency vibration to break up water into fine particles, and then use wind-driven devices to blow these particles into the air to form a misty mist to achieve humidification. Advantages: large humidification capacity, fast humidification efficiency, intuitive humidification effect, high cost performance, small size. Disadvantages: Be sure to choose a brand that has water treatment technology, otherwise minerals and bacteria in the water will be blown into the air, which will affect human health.


Steam humidifier, its working principle is to heat the water to generate steam and send the steam out, so as to humidify the room. Advantages: warm humidification, fog humidification, no white powder, no bacteria, water vapor, very clean and healthy humidification. Disadvantages: The power is relatively large, and the scale should be often cleaned or the descaling tablets should be replaced.

Steam humidifier,


The non-fog humidifier uses the humidifying net to absorb the water on the water basin. The dry air will become humid after passing through the humidifying net, and then humidified by the fan. Advantages: No fog type humidified air, no white powder. Disadvantages: The humidification net needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently, the humidification is unstable, and the general product is relatively large and takes up space.


The air cleaner uses a special humidifying net or a humidifying wheel to rotate in the water. The moisture from the humidifying sheet is volatilized into the air to humidify. At the same time, the impurities in the air are absorbed on the humidifying sheet during the rotation process. The more advanced humidification methods in European and American countries are relatively rare in China. Advantages: generally do not need to replace the humidifying tablets, no fog and humidification without white powder. The humidification effect is more stable than the general non-fog humidifier, and it has the effect of purifying the air. Disadvantages: the amount of humidification is not very good.


To give a practical example, if the local water quality is better and softer, choose an ultrasonic humidifier. It has a high cost performance, a large humidification capacity, and a small size. It does not require too much space. It is suitable for school offices. The energy consumption and sound is low and light. The heated steam humidifier is generally used in some sterile environments in general hospitals or industries. The water vapor generated by humidification is very clean, which is especially suitable for the elderly.

Steam humidifier,


The fog-free volatile humidifier is suitable for many occasions, and the humidification of water molecules is also very healthy. The disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large, its humidification amount is proportional to its volume, the larger the water molecule volatile area, the higher the humidification amount, and the cost will be more expensive, some fogless humidification requires frequent replacement of the humidification net, The cost of humidification is high.

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