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How to Use the Humidifier Properly?

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It is easy to be dry at home in winter. In order to improve the dry environment indoors, many people will use air humidifiers. If the aroma diffuser humidifier is used correctly, it can not only increase the air humidity, but also relieve the symptoms of colds. However, if the air refresher humidifier is used improperly, it will become a health killer.


Studies have shown that drinking a lot of water and keeping the air humidity at 40% to 50% can relieve coughing and reduce the irritation of dry air to the nasal mucosa. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy an ultrasonic air humidifier that can set humidity to ensure proper humidity. But you should pay attention to the proper use of the humidifier.



1. Use the Humidifier Skillfully

Using a humidifier is also benefit for skin care.

Material: One humidifier, warm water or purified water above 35℃, ordinary emulsion.

Method: After washing the face, apply the lotion, pour warm water into the mini humidifier, turn it on to the atomized state, and steam it on the face for 5 to 10 minutes (either cold steam or warm steam is acceptable).

Efficacy: Relieve dry skin and help absorb nutrients in creams.


ultrasonic cool mist humidifier


2. Use the Humidifier Correctly

1) Pure water should be added to the humidifier.

Pure water should be added to the portable humidifier, or tap water should be boiled, and then added after cooling. Because the tap water contains a variety of minerals, it will damage the evaporator of the humidifier, and the water alkali it contains will also affect its service life. Chlorine molecules and microorganisms in tap water may be blown into the air with water mist and cause pollution. If the tap water has high hardness, the water mist sprayed by the humidifier contains calcium and magnesium ions, which will produce white powder and pollute the indoor air.


2) Turn off it every 2 hours and open windows for ventilation.

It is recommended to turn off the electric humidifier every 2 hours and open windows for ventilation. Although uninterrupted use will increase the humidity of the room and relieve dryness, too much air humidity is also not good for health. When the humidity is too high, the amount of pineal hormone in the human body is also large, which makes the concentration of thyroxine and adrenaline in the body relatively lower, and people are prone to listlessness and snooze all day long.


3) It should be cleaned frequently.

The water in the cool mist humidifier should be changed every day and the humidifier should be cleaned once a week. Because if it is not cleaned regularly, the mold and other microorganisms hidden in the humidifier will enter the room with the sprayed water mist. People with weaker resistance can cause pneumonia or respiratory infections.



ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

3. Don't Use Humidifier Like This

1) Add disinfectant to the humidifier.

Adding disinfectant to the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier actually atomizes the ingredients of the disinfectant. After being inhaled, it will irritate the lungs and bronchial epithelial cells of the human body. If the concentration of the disinfectant is too high, it may even cause upper respiratory tract damage.


2) Add Radix isatidis and essential oil to the humidifier

Radix isatidis is an infusion, which is generally absorbed through the human intestines, but not through the respiratory tract. It is also not recommended to add essential oils in the humidifier, such products contain chemical ingredients, and it may also cause irritation. Some people with allergies can easily get asthma and other diseases.


3) Place it next to electrical appliances

It is best to keep the wireless humidifier at a distance of about 1 meter from electrical appliances, furniture, etc., and place it on a stable surface 0.5 to 1.5 meters above the ground. 

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