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How to choose the correct humidifier?

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Do you have any plans to buy a humidifier recently? Congratulations on seeing this most complete guide to buying humidifiers! We classify humidifiers based on different characteristics, and hope you can find the suitable one.


Humidifiers are classified according to working principle:

Ultrasonic humidifier: The ultrasonic humidifier uses 2 million times of high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations per second to atomize the water into ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions of 1 micrometer to 5 micrometers, and diffuse the water mist into the air through the wind device. Moisten the air and accompany abundant negative oxygen ions to achieve uniform humidification.


Direct evaporation type humidifier: The direct evaporation type humidifier uses molecular sieve evaporation technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, wash the air through a water curtain, and filter and purify the air while humidifying, thereby improving environmental humidity and cleanliness. It is suitable for families with the elderly and children, and can also prevent winter flu germs, but the price is higher.


Electric heating humidifier: The working principle of a thermal evaporation humidifier is to heat water in a heating body to 100 ° C to generate steam, which is sent out by a motor. Electric heating humidifier is the simplest technology of humidification. The product is cheap, but the energy consumption is relatively high.


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Humidifiers are classified by humidification method:

Fog-free humidifier: The humidification effect can be achieved without generating visible water mist when humidifying. The mist-free humidifier can avoid the irritation of the trachea due to the large amount of mist and the "white powder" problem, but the relative humidification speed is slightly slower.


Fog humidifier: Fog humidifier produces water mist when humidified. Fog humidifier has a relatively high humidification speed and uniform humidification, but the atomized components are prone to fouling, and "white powder" is generated in the room after use.


Constant humidity humidifier: The constant humidity humidifier is a product equipped with a humidity sensor that can monitor the indoor humidity in real time. When the indoor humidity reaches the set humidity, the humidification is automatically stopped. When the humidity is lower than the set humidity, the humidification is automatically turned on to achieve the indoor The effect of constant humidity.



Humidifiers are classified according to function:

Purification type: The purification type humidifier uses the filter material to filter the generated water mist and then release it into the room, which can play a certain purification function and reduce the "white powder" generation, but the purification type humidifier cannot replace the air purifier.


Bacterial sterilization type: The sterilization type humidifier is equipped with sterilization and bacteriostatic devices inside the product to achieve sterilization and bacteriostatic effects on water and water mist,because the water in the water tank of the humidifier may be stored for a long time, the bacteria removal function of the humidifier is necessary.


Aromatherapy type: The humidifier has aroma oil additions, which can achieve indoor aroma effects by adding various essential oils


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Do you know how to choose a humidifier? If you still have any questions about buying a humidifier and aroma diffuser, please freely consult our professional.

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