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How to choose the right humidifier?

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There are so many humidifiers on the market. How to select the appropriate humidifier? The best humidifier is the one you can buy by looking at the phenomenon and understanding how it works.

automatic humidifier

1.Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency vibration to shatter water into fine particles of diameter, and then uses the pneumatic device to blow these particles into the indoor air, forming a misty water mist, so as to achieve humidification.



It has large amount of humidification, rapid humidification efficiency, intuitive humidification effect, high cost performance and small volume.



You must choose to have the brand that handles technology to water, or it will blow the material such as mineral substance and bacterium in water otherwise in the air, and once it is absorbed by people it will cause negative effect.


Our brand is very good in ultrasonic technology. Our water treatment technology is very strong such as humidifier purifier, automatic humidifier, air cooler and heater humidifier, digital humidifier, etc.


If the local water quality is good and soft, then choose ultrasonic humidifier according to its advantages of cost-effective, large humidifying volume, smaller body, lower energy consumption and lighter sound.



2. Steam humidifier

A steam humidifier works by heating water to produce steam and sending it out to humidify a room.



Warm humidification, fog humidification, no white powder, no bacteria, water vapor, very clean and healthy humidification.



The power is relatively large, and  it often needs to clean scales or replace descaling tablets.


steam humidifier

3. non-mist humidifier

The non-mist humidifier uses the humidifying net to adsorb the water on the basin, and the dry air will become moist after passing through the wet humidifying net, and the humidified air will be blown out by the fan.



No mist humidification air, no white powder.



Humidifying mesh often need to clean and replace, humidifying unstable, the general product volume is relatively large, and it occupies too much space.


The non-mist humidifier is suitable for many occasions, and water molecules humidification is very healthy. Water molecules volatilize the greater the area, the higher the moisture content, and the cost will be more expensive.


4. Air cleaner

The air cleaner uses a special humidifier or humidifier wheel to rotate in the water. The moisture from the humidifier is volatilized to the air and the impurities in the air are adsorbed on the humidifier during the rotation and then cleaned in the water.



It generally does not need to replace humidification tablets, no mist humidification and no white powder. And it is more stable than the general humidifier humidification effect. IT also has the effect of air purification.



Humidification amount is general.


Our products includes car humidifier, air purifier, industrial air humidifier, ultrasonic mist humidifier, and automatic humidifier etc. They are in good quality and their service life are longer the the general humidifiers.

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