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How to choose two types of humidifiers?

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When the room is dry, people are used to turning on the humidifier for a long time. However, not all humidifiers are suitable for long-time turning on. So, how long should the humidifier be on? Here, first of all, it depends on what type of humidifier is used at home.


Generally speaking, humidifiers can be divided into spray type (mainly ultrasonic humidifier) and fog-free type (pure type cold evaporative humidifier).



Spray Humidifier】——mainly ultrasonic humidifier

Humidification principle of ultrasonic humidifier: The principle of ultrasonic humidifier is to use high-frequency oscillation generated by ultrasonic waves to break up water into fine particles with a diameter of only 1-5 microns, and then use a pneumatic device to blow these small particles into the air. These small particles intuitively appear to be misty water mist.

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Advantages: The price of an ultrasonic humidifier is relatively cheap, which can be done within one hundred yuan; and the humidification strength is high, the humidification is uniform, the humidification efficiency is high and electricity saving.


Disadvantages: If the family members are in such humidification conditions for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the respiratory system. (Commonly: easy to catch a cold, cough, pneumonia or aggravate rheumatic diseases, etc.)


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Non-fog type humidifier】——A pure type humidifier

The principle of the pure humidifier: The pure humidifier is a new type of humidifier, which can remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water through molecular screening evaporation technology, without the white powder phenomenon of the ultrasonic humidifier, and can purify the air, especially suitable for humidification, in short, it is harmless. Compared with ultrasonic humidifiers, it is more suitable for families with children and the elderly.


Advantages: Purifying humidifiers are not restricted by water quality and will not produce "white powder phenomenon"; they can filter the air and kill bacteria, making the humidification purer; while humidifying, the air is washed with purified water to effectively remove the pollution in the air, purifying the air and promoting indoor air circulation. The purifying humidifier can also control the noise under the premise of 34dB, so that the humidification rate can reach 950ml/h; within the applicable area of its corresponding model, it can effectively raise and stabilize the humidity of the entire room at 40-60%RH, the most comfortable for the human body. The problem of water shortage and dryness in the room can be basically solved. Based on this condition, when the room humidity is stabilized at 40-60% RH, people will feel refreshed and pleasant in the room, and the activity of surrounding bacteria and germs will be greatly reduced, which can effectively prevent children from catching cold. In an environment where human immunity will be improved, the room is not prone to static electricity. You can get a good experience no matter from the perspective of comfort or safety. Precious calligraphy and painting, mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture, etc. in the room are not easy to crack, protecting the collection and increase their service life. In such a humidity environment, the skin will feel very natural, especially for women, the skin will always remain hydrated, and people will look younger.


Disadvantages: The price of the purification type humidifier is relatively high, and it costs a little bit more electricity than the ultrasonic one, but in general it is worthy.




With the improvement of people's living standards, the comfort level of the living environment will be correspondingly improved, and the prospect of humidifiers will get better and better. Our company produces many types of humidifiers cheap price. The main types of humidifiers are: smart humidifiers, house humidifiers, humidifiers for industrial, USB mist humidifiers, car humidifiers, humidifier aroma diffusers, air refresher humidifiers, etc.

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