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How to humidify an air-conditioned room

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We are more and more inseparable from the air conditioner, especially in summer, the temperature is relatively high, when it is time to rest at night, it is too hot to sleep, this time we can only choose to turn on the air conditioner, but the air in the room will not be able to circulate, which will reduce the air quality and makes the room dry. Is it a wise choice to put a humidifier in the room at this time? Lets take a look.



Can I put a humidifier in the air-conditioned room?

It is good to put a humidifier in an air-conditioned room, because after turning on the air conditioner, the room is relatively dry, and the humidifier can improve the humidity in the air. But when we choose a humidifier, we also need to choose the right one. We should choose an evaporative humidifier, so that its humidification effect will be obvious. When placing the humidifier, try to be as close to the body as possible, because with the far distance, effect will not be too obvious. At the same time, it should be reminded here that when the air conditioner has been turned on for 3 hours, it needs to be turned off, and then open the windows to let the air circulate.


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How to humidify an air-conditioned room

1. As long as the air conditioner is turned on, the air will become relatively dry, which is not good for the skin. At this time, some plants need to be raised. These plants contain water, mainly some aquatic plants. It improves the humidity in the air and is called a natural oxygen bar.


2. Before turning on the air conditioner, you can mop the ground with a mop to make the ground moist. After the air conditioner is turned on, the humidity in the air will not drop too much.


3. Put a basin of water in the room and place it under the air conditioner, with the wind direction of the air conditioner downward. This method will also effectively improve the humidity in the air.



Precautions for turning on air conditioners

1. Every day after we get up in the morning, we need to open all the windows to allow indoor air circulation to prevent the reproduction of bacteria. This method brings a big air change, so that all the air is replaced. At least two big air changes are required in a day, and small air changes are required during the period. This ventilation time can be shorter.


2. When we sleep at night, we can't use the air conditioner for the whole night. We can use the air conditioner in the middle of the night. When the temperature gradually drops in the second half of the night, we will use the fan again.


3. When we adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, don't set the temperature too low all at once, because the temperature difference is too large, and the stimulation to the body is relatively large, so it is best to control the temperature at 24 ℃-26 ℃. If the temperature is high enough, then the temperature difference is adjusted to about 6 ℃-7 ℃. And the wind speed should not be too fast, in short, the temperature difference should not be too large.


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