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How to place aroma diffuser at home

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Aroma diffuser is a good household object that can make people feel happy. Generally used with essential oil. When you open the door, and then smell the fragrance, tired and unhappy will be swept away.



How to use aroma diffuser

1. When using, we need to put the tray on the lampshade, then add water to the tray and the tray to eight full is appropriate. It's better to use hot water so that the essential oil volatilizes more quickly.


2. We drop 5 drops (about 15 square meters of space) of essential oil into the dish, and then turn on the power for about 40 minutes. The aroma can be dispersed into the air, lasting for 4-5 hours. The amount of essential oil should be increased or decreased according to one's preference, but too strong flavor cannot achieve the best effect.


3. If you want to add light to the room, you can turn on the power switch of the aroma lamp and adjust the light brightness. The brighter the light, the higher the heat, the faster the volatile oil volatilizes, and the higher the concentration of essential oil in the air. It is suggested to choose ceramic aroma lamp or touch aroma lamp, which is more beautiful and convenient.



aroma home fragrance diffuser

Precautions for using aroma diffuser

1. Please turn off the power supply of aroma diffuser when you are out or indoors for a long time.


2. Please pay attention to the temperature of the aromatherapy machine to avoid scalding.


3. Do not add water directly when the container is at high temperature. We need to wait for cooling before adding water.


4. When we use electric aroma lamp, turn the lamp to the maximum. When the water on the plate gets hot, we turn the light to a minimum and let it warm slowly. In this way, the life of electric aroma diffuser will be longer, and the aromatherapy oil will play a better role.



When is aroma diffuser suitable for use

1. Before going to bed

At the end of the day, when you want to relax your body and mind, you can feel more relaxed and comfortable through the fragrance of wood aroma diffuser. It is recommended to use some relaxing essential oils such as lavender and sweet orange in the evening.


2. Exercise at home

When you do simple exercises such as yoga or stretching exercises at home, you can also feel the fragrance of the aroma home fragrance diffuser and feel the space and mind after cleansing. Sage essential oil and cedar essential oil are recommended.


3. Purified the air

When meeting guests or cleaning the room, you can also use music aroma diffuser. It sends out the fragrant air and fills the whole room with fresh air. Lemon essential oil and eucalyptus oil can be selected to purify the air.


aroma home fragrance diffuser

4. Office

Tense office rhythm will affect our mood, engulf our energy, make us unable to focus, and reduce our work effectiveness. We can turn on the smart aroma diffuser. It can not only help you improve your work efficiency, but also help to ease your mood, restore a relaxed and positive attitude, and enhance our creativity and inspiration. Rosemary essential oil and peppermint essential oil are recommended when we need to increase our productivity. They can also increase our memory.


5. When someone in the family is ill

If someone in the family has a cold or fever, it is recommended to use the ultrasonic around diffuser. Good essential oils can enhance the body's resistance, antivirus, sterilization, and prevent infection to others. You can choose to use tea trees, Ravensara, eucalyptus and other essential oils.


Now you know how to use the aroma diffuser!

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