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How to place the office humidifier?

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How to place the office humidifier?

Earlier we learned that the humidifier has become an essential item in the office. The health problems of the office workers need more and more attention. In the dry season of autumn and winter, the office family lacks indoor and outdoor movements, and it is prone to dry skin and sore throat. At this time the use of a mini desk humidifier can play a good role in improving. This article will mainly introduce where should the office humidifier be placed? I hope to help the office family.


Office humidifier placement tips


In order to allow the moisture to flow better, we do not place it near appliances or put the humidifier next to the wall. It is best to place the humidifier on a table about 1 meter high. This way, the humidity emitted by the humidifier is exactly within the range of the body. The indoor air is easy to circulate at this height, so that the humidified air can be better utilized. There is also a need to be appropriate in the function settings. Too high or too low a level will cause discomfort to the body. It is generally recommended that you set the humidity at 40% to 50%. In addition, if the humidifier placed on the desk is small, the nozzle should be facing the side of the person, bypassing the area in front, the humidity of the surrounding air will increase, and the humidity in front of it will gradually increase. Blowing directly in front of people, all the water sucked in, so there is not much air.


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Do not place near appliances. Some people place humidifiers near televisions or computers in order to prevent the electrical appliances from drying out, which can affect the insulation performance of computers and televisions and cause high-voltage ignition. Some people put the humidifier under the air outlet of the air conditioner in order to allow the moisture to flow effectively. As a result, the air conditioner components are damp. The "range" of the moisture emitted by the humidifier is about 1 meter, so it is best to keep a distance of 1 meter away from home appliances, furniture, etc.


Do not place the humidifier next to the wall, as the mist from the humidifier will easily leave a white mark on the wall.


In addition, during use, if you want to increase the humidity of the room in a short period of time, it is best to close the doors and windows, keeping the ambient temperature between 10 ° C ~ 25 ° C, and use clean water below 40 ° C. In order to prevent microorganisms in the water from being emitted into the air, cause affecting health through breathing. It is best to change the water daily.



Office humidifier precautions


The desk humidifier is not as much white mist as possible. In winter, the office is mostly closed, and when the ultrasonic humidifier transducer is turned on for a long time, the air humidity is relatively large and the circulation is slow. People need to breathe hard. In addition, the humidity in the air is relatively large, which will cause particles, microorganisms and bacteria to stick together, so that dirty air will enter the throat and lungs, making people feel uncomfortable, just like in a dusty environment. .


Think about water before put it into desk humidifier. Many people think that the desk humidifier only needs to use tap water. It is actually unscientific because it contains a lot of microorganisms and components such as calcium and magnesium ions, so it is easy to produce white powder, which not only pollute indoor air, but also induce diseases such as bronchitis.


The correct way is to add purified water to it, or boil the tap water and let it cool completely before putting it in the aromatherapy diffuser humidifier. Additionally, the water inside the humidifier, needs to be changed every day. Humidifiers also need to be thoroughly cleaned every week, and other important parts such as the sink. Do not put something like fragrance inside the humidifier. Be careful of allergies.


Controlling the use time of the humidifier ultrasonic cool mist. When the desk humidifier is in use, to make better use of the humidifier, you also need to control the use time, usually two hours after opening, you need to open the window for about a quarter of an hour.

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