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How to prevent rats in the commercial area?

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With the increasing of the living level, the urbanization is accelerating. Small commercial places can fit the demand of people, so more and more large commercial areas appear. However, these commercial areas will all face mass rats. Some commercial areas will put humidifier machine especially aroma humidifier, mist humidifier and air purifier with air purifier oil. But these do not work. A senior biological controller provides his suggestions and solutions.


Step 1 Preliminary technical guidance

Preliminary technical guidance of biological control company plays an important role in preventing mass rats during the construction of commercial areas and some large squares. It has a good effect. That’s because the professional controller can eliminate the potential rat holes in the construction of buildings. It will prevent some mass rats. If the squares and commercial areas have serious mass rats, that’s because that they do not have the preliminary technical guidance of biological control company. And then, the later preventing working will be totally difficult. The preventing effect is worse. So the technical guidance is quite necessary during the construction.  


humidifier machine


Step 2 Cooperation by multi-department

During the construction, under the technical guidance of biological control company, all departments can be coordinated and cooperated and achieve the target of best controlling. Specially, the coordination of design, installation, decoration and other departments is very important. Usually the reason of the square with serious rodent infestation is that the commercial area is not well coordinated by multi departments.

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Step 3 Eliminate ground drain rat holes

The air purifier cost won’t have effect on prevent rats. And the commercial humidifier, ultrasonic air humidifieraroma diffuser, air washer humidifier just make the air fresh for people. The aroma dispenser perhaps attract the rats. The important is eliminate ground drain rat holes. Firstly, we should know that the rats come into the commercial areas from the outside. The possibility of passing the door is quite few. Because the rat is afraid of people and the light, so it can enter the commercial area through the door. The best secret and safest way of entering the commercial area is the passing the channels of the surface drainage system. Therefore, it’s quite necessary to eliminate rat holes on the surface drainage.  



Step 4 Eliminate holed on the ceiling pipes

According to the observation experience of senior biological control staff, in the large squares, the commercial areas , the most serious areas of rats are on the ceiling. The ceiling is paradise for rats. Rats prefer the ceiling. We may fell confused about that phenomenon. Actually, it has a great relation with plumbing, air conditioning supply chutes, and decoration. Basically, the ceiling is connected as a whole. And it provides a natural safe places for rats, the rats can go any places conveniently and quickly. So the ceiling pipes must eliminate every hole so that the moving of rats can be limited.     



Step5 Later technical guidance

After the construction of large commercial area, the biological control company should carry out rat control maintenance. In the early stage, the measures are all done in a meticulous way, so the later stage is relatively simple. The property staff must require the biological control company to minimize the indoor release of rodent drugs to kill rodents, the work must start in the outdoor. Preventing mass rats is a long term, every department and every staff must consider each thing.

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