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How to use the aroma diffuser correctly?

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How to use the aroma diffuser correctly?

Many customers received our products and were amazed. They felt that this was more than just an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, but more like a high-end artwork, but they often asked questions about how to use the aroma diffuser, what are the precautions, etc. The article will answer all for you.



How to use the aroma diffuser

1. Take out the aromatherapy diffuser for installation. Clean up the small foam plastic particles inside the lamp to prevent the particles from melting and generating an odor when heated;

2. Clean the tray on the aromatherapy lamp and fill it with about two-thirds of the water (the water does not overflow the tray)

3. Gently place the tray with water on the ceramic aroma diffuser. Do not spill water into the lamp to prevent accidents.

4. Drop 1-2 drops of aroma essential oil into the tray water;

5. Plug the light socket into the power socket;

6. Rotate the switch to turn on the light, and turn the switch to adjust the brightness of the aromatherapy lamp.


essential oil lamp


Aroma lamp use precautions

If there is no water and essential oil in the tray, the aromatherapy lamp can be used as a normal lamp, and the tray will not be damaged. If water and essential oil are used in the tray for aromatherapy, the tray must be kept with water at all times, otherwise the essential oil is easy to dry and the fragrance is not easy volatilize. Different plant oils have different regulating effects on the human body. Pay attention to whether you are suitable for this type of oil.



The role of aromatherapy lamps

1. The essential aroma oil in the aroma diffuser is decomposed by heating, so that the anionic fendo essence in the aroma oil is scattered in the air. Essential oil is a free substance, which can stick the dust and bacteria in the air to the substance in the house. It plays a role in purifying the air and can regulate mood and nerves through fragrance.


2. The fragrant air generated by the mini aroma diffuser quickly penetrates into the blood from the nasal cavity, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, regulate physiological functions, and balance physical fitness, thereby enhancing resistance to diseases.


3. The aromatherapy lamp can meet both lighting and aromatherapy. The brightness can be adjusted. When it is bright, you can read it later. When it is dark, it can create a hazy and warm atmosphere. It also has the function of multiple lights. It is more like a warm friend to accompany you to work and fall asleep. If your friend has sleep problems, you can buy this aroma lamp for her, not only to relieve insomnia, but also to embellish the mood.


4. Our aromatherapy diffuser have changed the previous heating method to bulbs, and have more choices in styles. We have changed perfumes that evaporate too quickly into essential oils extracted from plant extracts. So that to achieve the purpose of maintaining fragrance for a long time.


essential oil lamp


In general, in addition to the floral air, the aroma lamp is also a good decoration. Welcome to visit our website to buy the fragrance lamp suitable for you. If you have any purchase questions, please contact us in time.

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