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How to use the home aroma diffuser best

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How to use the home aroma diffuser best

Aroma diffuser decomposes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oil into 0.1-5 μm-diameter nano scale cold fog through the high-frequency vibration generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment, which can make the air full of fragrance. Aroma diffuser is suitable for families, hotel rooms, lobbies, corridors, guest rooms and other places.


After heating in winter, when the indoor air is dry, people will have the symptoms of dry lips, dry throat, dry mouth, dry cough, dry skin, nosebleed and so on. Aroma diffuser uses a variety of ways to atomize water and pure plant essential oil to maintain a high humidity in the room and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air. At the same time, it can achieve the effect of aromatherapy, assist in the treatment and relief of influenza, hypertension, tracheitis and other diseases, and play a certain protective role in the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism. 

Aromatherapy is a kind of fashion, a kind of culture, and a way of spiritual sustenance for people pursuing high taste life.


Nowadays, the smart aroma diffuser has entered the common people's home, so how can the effect of aroma diffuser be better? When we buy an aroma diffuser for ourselves for any reason, we always hope that the use of aroma diffuser can bring us some benefits: for example, we can solve the problem of insomnia through aromatherapy, or we can get better exercise in yoga, or we can focus more on work and study, and our skin can get better exercise through aroma diffuser oil. Today, we will discuss the use of the home aroma diffuser. We will introduce it to you in four points.

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Security of aroma diffuser product itself

Home or office aroma diffuser products need to pass 3C certification and ROHS certification. From the beginning of design, the product has been optimized in terms of environmental protection of materials and product performance of aroma diffuser. It is necessary for home use or the aroma diffuser we put in the office to realize the functions of water shortage and power failure.



Quality of aroma diffuser oil

We usually recommend using aroma diffuser oil of lavender for sleeping aid. When it's time to cheer up or focus more, we'll recommend some aroma diffuser oil with fruit citrus. When people need peace and warmth, we will recommend aroma diffuser oil for tea and so on. A good aroma diffuser oil is the most important point for the function of aroma diffuser.

Set reasonable working mode

At present, the home aroma diffuser product can set up a variety of working modes. There are also different intermittences in fragrance diffusion. If you prefer a strong fragrance, you can set a short interval. If you prefer a lighter fragrance, you can set up a longer working time. Please refer to the product description for details.



An aroma diffuser with creative and elegant appearance

Aroma diffuser can add a beautiful touch to your home or office.


The above requirements may be the same for everyone, but in the end, it is our use of aroma diffuser that is important to achieve these effects. Now there are more aromatherapy products on the market. We recommend you to use some simple smart aroma diffuser. For our daily fast-paced life, an aroma diffuser with different working hours is the best match. If the aroma diffuser has a good-looking appearance, it's even better.

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