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Humidifier Cleaning Steps and Maintenance Methods

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In recent years, people's living standards have greatly improved. For home products, people not only require convenience and intelligence, but also require comfort and health. Humidifier is a common household product in modern homes. It can not only prevent indoor rooms from cracking due to drying, but also has a beauty effect. However, long-term use of air humidifiers without cleaning will have a certain harm to human health. Today, I will share with you the cleaning steps and maintenance methods of the humidifier.



Humidifier cleaning steps

The first step: when cleaning the home humidifier, you first need to unplug the power supply to prevent electric shock after accidentally dropping water droplets.


The second step: to disassemble the humidifier. At this time, the humidifier is divided into two parts, one part is the water tank, and the other part is the base.

cool mist air humidifier


The third step: when cleaning the base of the humidifier, the water in the humidifier needs to be poured out first, then add a certain amount of water and detergent to the air humidifier purifier, and shake it evenly at the same time, so that the detergent is fully dissolved. After a while, drain the water.


The fourth step: when cleaning the base of the humidifier, do not pour water into the air outlet of the humidifier. At this time, you can add a little water to the sink of the base first. Add an appropriate amount of detergent to fully dissolve.


The fifth step: When scales appear on the atomizer of the humidifier, the user can fully dissolve the scale using white vinegar, etc., and then clean the atomizer of the humidifier.


The sixth step: use water to clean the household humidifier several times to complete the entire humidifier cleaning process.



Maintenance method of humidifier

1. When using a humidifier to humidify, the water added to the humidifier is best to choose pure water or cold boiled water. When the water quality of the tap water is hard, during the humidification process, the tap water will form a layer of scale on the atomizing sheet of the humidifier, which easily affects the humidification effect of the humidifier.


2. When using the humidifier, the water in the humidifier water tank needs to be replaced regularly. If the water in the water tank is placed for too long, and the water quality is prone to lead to the growth of bacteria.


cool mist air humidifier

3. After the humidifier is not in use, it needs to be dried and placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.


4. When using the humidifier, it is necessary to check whether the float valve of the humidifier is fouled. When the scale component of the float valve is increased, it will affect the normal operation of the humidifier.


The above is the cleaning steps and maintenance methods of the humidifier summarized for everyone. Any product requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Because the humidifier sprays extremely fine water droplets into the air, if the humidifier is polluted, then human will absorb the polluted air, so everyone must clean the humidifier regularly.

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