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Indoor aromatherapy guide | Smell determines the sense of luxury in your home!

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Life is fragrant and beautiful, and every home should have its own unique fragrance. Regarding the flavor, style and selection method of aromatherapy. Lets take a look today.



1. The smell of aromatherapy has its own tonality

1). Sweet and fragrant fragrance

Fruity notes: The aroma often contains a hint of sweetness, and its taste is a very concrete way of expression.

Floral notes: Jasmine, rose, and lily are representative of floral notes. These scents are usually blended with other floral scents to create a stronger fragrance.


2). Natural and fresh fragrance

Green leafy: the aroma of grass, the plant smell mixed with the muddy smell after the rain belong to the green leafy tone. This kind of taste is neutral and will make people feel like being in nature.


Citrus notes: The fragrance is filled with sweet and sour scent, which is refreshing.


Aquatic tone: It is presented with the smell of the ocean, accompanied by a faint smell of sea, giving people the feeling of sea breeze.


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3) . Rich and strong fragrance

Oriental notes: Oriental spices such as musk, ambergris and patchouli are all oriental. The collocation is complex, the style is changeable, and the flavor is strong.


Woody notes: the main notes are cedar, cedar, sandalwood, amber, etc., giving people a mature, deep and restrained feeling.


Gourmet notes: According to caramel, chocolate, cream, vanilla, honey and other food flavors. With a hint of tempting aroma of food.


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2. Various styles of aromatherapy

Scented candle

Aromatherapy candles are the most common type, which is different from the candles used in our daily life, and belongs to a kind of craft candles. Aromatherapy candles are items with a sense of age, and in the eyes of young people, it is a manifestation of "sentiment". In addition to bringing a rich fragrance to the room, it is also a unique home decoration.


Rattan aromatherapy

Europeans have always liked to use aromatherapy perfumes to keep the fresh smell of their living spaces. They add their favorite essential oils into blank glass bottles and let them volatilize to add fragrance to the room. With the evolution and development, it has become a very popular rattan aromatherapy, and it is also the fire-free aromatherapy we often say.


Compared to candles and rattan aromatherapy, essential oil diffuser humidifiers not only emit fragrance, but also have a certain humidification function. They cleverly use the unique charm of fragrance to mobilize the three senses of sight, hearing and smell, and make deeper communication with the soul. When they stand quietly in one corner, accompanied by the diffusion of water mist and fragrance, a sweet fragrance comes from the nasal cavity, the mood becomes calm, and the nerves begin to relax. It is a good thing to help office workers relieve stress in a fast-paced life.



3. Tips of selecting aromatherapy

Rattan aromatherapy and aromatherapy machines have a relatively high safety factor, so you only need to choose according to your own preferences when choosing. What needs attention is the selection of scented candles. When choosing scented candles, the main considerations are the composition of the candle, the burning fragrance and the style.




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