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Magical SPA Aromatherapy

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When it comes to aromatherapy, the concept of "unilateral essential oils" needs to be explained. Through photosynthesis, scented plants convert the amount of solar energy they receive into sugar and secrete essential oils, which is the essence of plants and the most delicate and soft substance in nature. After using essential oils in the human body, through the reconciliation of metabolism and cells, essential oils are able to purify and repair human tissues.


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Classification and characteristics of essential oils

100% pure vegetable essential oils are divided into unilateral essential oils, compound essential oils and base oils.

Unilateral essential oil, which is a pure, unformulated pure essential oil, is not only used alone, but also can be used when mixed and formulated, just like an unformed single-taste medicine. Compound essential oils, several types of unilateral essential oils having been formulated for immediate use, is generally researched and developed by research and development manufacturers to study the characteristics and chemical properties of various essential oils. Base oil, which is a pure vegetable medium oil used to blend one or several high-concentration unilateral essential oils, after blending the base oil, can be used directly on the body by massage or other methods.


Essential oils are highly concentrated, which is 50-70 times the original shape of the plant. Due to the small molecules of essential oils, essential oils are highly volatile and highly permeable, and as a consequence, the molecules have the capability to enter the dermis layer in 20 seconds and reach target organ in 20 minutes. In addition, essential oils are in the position to regulate emotions and psychology through olfactory effects, thereby affecting physiological functions.



Different Effects of Plants

The essential oil extracted from flowers which are mature life hormones of plants, such as jasmine, rose, rosewood, chamomile and lavender, is able to regulate the body's reproductive system and endocrine system.


Leaves are photosynthesis and aroma diffuser parts of plants, equivalent to human respiratory diseases, such as Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, Mint.


The stem, sandalwood as well as rosewood, keeps a limb of a plant that supports the functioning of the body, eliminates fatigue, and strengthens body functions.


Fruit-refined essential oils enable ordinary citizens to improve mood and help lose weight, such as lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, sweet orange pomelo oil.


Resin is a plant endocrine, which is equivalent to the human skin secretion system, and equally has the functions of protection, nourish, calm, and disinfect, such as frankincense, myrrh, juniper, grape seed.


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Ways for Essential Oils to Enter the Body


Aromatic essential oil molecules will enter the olfactory cells at the top of the nasal cavity through breathing, then use the cilia in the cells to remember and convey the fragrance, and finally pass through the olfactory valve to the olfactory region of the brain. Natural chemicals in aromatic essential oils trigger the release of chemicals in the nervous system, producing calming, relaxing, stimulating or boosting effects. In the meanwhile, the essential oil will enter the blood circulation through gas exchange.


Skin absorption

Aromatic essential oils will reach the blood circulation and lymph circulation after penetrating into the skin tissue, and at the same time, they will flow to the organs of the body along with the blood and lymph fluid. Generally speaking, essential oils can be completely absorbed by the skin within 30 minutes, and furthermore, after being used up within a few hours, the excess aromatic oils is expelled through perspiration, urine and breathing.



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