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Precautions for the Use of Repellent

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It has a long history of using mouse glue trap, mouse clips, mouse cages and other instruments to kill rodents. However, the employment of such methods requires poison bait and the bait must be attractive. Here are some methods of repelling rodents, I will it will be helpful to you.

Methods of Repelling Mice

Physical Methods

To prevent the invasion of rats, according to the ecological investigation, different methods are adopted in different environments. The electronic mouse traps, mouse glue trap, mouse clips, and mouse cages could be used indoors to kill rats and cut off their way of invasion. The physical rodent control method is efficient, hygienic, safe, and environmental-friendly.


Chemical Method

Spread drugs in places where rats often appear to trap and kill the rats. Use different palatable baits or waterproof wax blocks to kill rats in different periods and different environments.


Environmental Control

The most effective and lasting method for rodent control are to exclude rodents from buildings. Build rodent-proof facilities inside the building, which can be done with the following steps:


Sewers and drains should be kept intact, and broken pipes should be repaired in time. The pipelines leading to the banks and peripherals of rivers and lakes should be blocked with one-way valves or mouse shields to prevent rodents from entering the building.


The height of the house foundation from the ground should not be less than 600mm. For the unqualified old buildings, a 10cm thick L-shaped concrete mouse board should be added to the periphery of the building.


All the cracks including window cracks should be less than 6mm in size.


The holes of all pipes and cables in and out of the building should be blocked with cement.


Use cement to block all holes and gaps in the building to prevent the rodents from using these hidden holes.


But in order to keep mouse away while keeping ourselves safe, these precautions must be kept in mind.




It is necessary to purchase pest repellent from a qualified department with business license.


You must understand the ingredients and safe detoxification methods of the rodenticide used.


Keep the mouse repellent out of the reach of children.


If someone takes the rodenticide accidently, send him or her to the hospital immediately.


When using insecticides and rodenticides, make sure it is safe to the surrounding people, the environment, and pets.


In order to reduce rodents’ resistance to drug caused by a single medication, you should stick to the principle of alternate medication and compound medication when administering rodenticides.


The drugs used must be all anticoagulant drugs approved and recommended by the national competent authority, and the banned drugs such as "Temustetramine" must be avoided.


The indoor and outdoor rodent poison bait must be placed in the prescribed bait house. The rodent poison bait at the service site must be fully inspected and replaced regularly.



With the advancement of science and technology, now we have many ways to keep mouse away. Electronic pest repellent and ultrasonic mouse repellent are all available, but you must find the best mouse repellent suitable for you.

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