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Precautions for using electronic mosquito repellent

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Electronic mosquito repellent is an electronic pest control made of bionic electronics. Ultrasonic electronic insect repellent devices that mimic ultrasonic signals emitted by male mosquitoes to repel female mosquitoes; Bat-type electronic mosquito repellent that mimics the electrical signals emitted by bats to repel mosquitoes; The mosquito's phototaxis is used to induce the mosquito to a high voltage wire around a certain wavelength ultraviolet light source to kill the mosquito's photo attractor electronic mosquito repellent. This best house mosquito repellent is one of the most commonly used products in the home today.


Electronic mosquito repellent is safe, non-toxic and non-radioactive, completely harmless to people and animals, without any chemical residues, is an ideal companion for outing, travel, fishing, barbecue, camping, cool, sentinel, home life. It is safe for the environment and will not harm the human body.



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1. Advantages of ultrasonic mosquito repellent

(1) It adopts physical mosquito control method, non-toxic harmless to human body. It is quick and time-saving, with remarkable effect, and has humanized treatment to reduce noise, without affecting the user's sleep. It has a very wide range of applications. Our company's flagship products, indoor mosquito repellent and mosquito killer lamp, are all based on the principle of ultrasonic repellent, which has very little harm to human body.


(2) It adopts the principle of multi-frequency oscillation wave and has a unique volume adjustment design. When used outdoors, the volume can be turned up to enhance mosquito repellent prevention. When used in sleeping state, the volume can be turned down to avoid affecting sleep quality. The sound size can be adjusted freely to meet different requirements in different environments. The sound rate adopts multi-frequency design to make more mosquito repellent more effective. Our company's electric aroma diffuser is a very popular product. It can judge the effect of using aroma diffuser color changing, which is very convenient.


(3) It adopts the principle of electronic oscillating wave, no chemical composition, environmental protection, no pollution. Ultrasonic mosquito repellent is currently recognized as the safest way to prevent mosquitoes, completely harmless to human body, suitable for infants, pregnant women to use. Radio wave repellent mosquito automation non-toxic, no chemical substances, very environmental protection. This is the simplest direct pest repeller.


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2. Matters needing attention

Use of electronic mosquito repellent devices should be careful, if not used for two months, to remove the battery; Try to keep out of direct sunlight and out of the water. If wet, please remove the battery to dry as much as possible, completely dry before use. In addition, the use of electronic mosquito repellents should also pay attention to the following:

(1) The electronic mosquito repellent device shall be installed 20 ~ 80 cm away from the ground and shall be inserted into the power socket perpendicular to the ground.


(2) the installation point should try to avoid the carpet, curtains and other sound-absorbing materials, in order to prevent the reduction of sound pressure to reduce the sound field and affect the insect repellent effect.


(3) In the first few days after use, it is normal to find a significant increase in activities such as mice and pests. Because usually hiding in the nest of mice, insects by ultrasonic attack, have fled their original hiding place.


(4) Note that electronic mosquito repellent devices need to be moisture-proof and waterproof.

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