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Several Popular Aroma Diffusers

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Several Popular Aroma Diffusers

In winter, the indoor air is dry, causing people to develop dry lips, dry skin, nosebleed and other symptoms. Aroma diffuser can use a variety of ways to spray water and pure plant essential oils into the air to keep high humidity in the room. At the same time, the aroma diffuser can produce a certain number of natural negative oxygen ions to assist in the treatment of influenza, high blood pressure, bronchitis and other diseases. The followings are some of the most popular aroma diffuser.



Ultrasonic Cool Mist Mini Humidifier Air Purifier

This aroma diffuser weighs just 0.2kg and its shell is made of polypropylene. It can work continuously for about six hours. It is equipped with advanced ultrasonic atomization technology, which can release water vapor and plant essential oils into the air, increase indoor humidity and make the indoor air cleaner. This aroma diffuser is automatically shut down after the water in the tank runs out and the capacity of the tank is 300ml, so you don't need to worry about the damage to the aroma diffuser caused by the lack of water. In addition, this aroma diffuser has seven colors of LED light and can be used as a touch aroma lamp.


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Electric Air Freshener Diffuser

This aroma diffuser is made of bamboo and ceramics, so it weighs 0.9kg. Its appearance is more concise, like a work of art, so it is very suitable to put it anywhere in the home. The capacity of its water tank is 180ml and it is suitable for use in offices, bedrooms and other space is not large. With the mist output of 0.13 gallons per day, it allows for a rapid increase in indoor humidity, as well as aromas.



Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser 

This aroma diffuser is made of PP and ABS material, but its design restores the grain of wood to make it look more natural. It can work continuously for more than 8 hours, and it has the function of automatic shutdown. It equipped with a large water tank of 400ml, so you don't have to add water to the tank frequently. It works quietly, making a noise of 35 decibels that you can hardly hear. At the same time, it has the remote control function, you can lie in the bed to control it easily.



SpaRoom Mysto Aroma Diffuser

This mid-sized aroma diffuser comes in two different colors: trendy marble color and shiny bronze color. It has a solid and steady stream of mist, and it is also very easy to use as it has only one button. You can adjust different mist and lights by pressing the power button. But its tank capacity is only 140ml, so you may need to add water to the tank more frequently.


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Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

This aroma diffuser is small, all-black color makes it look more modern, so it doesn't look strange on your bookshelf. It is easy to install and has longer working hours than other aroma diffuser. It is suitable to be placed in a small room, such as the study room or bedroom.

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