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Some common sense about ultrasonic rat repellent

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"When rats cross the street, everyone shouts and beats them." Rat repellent has always been a headache for many factories or catering industry. Ultrasonic rat repellent device helps solve the problem of rats to a great extent. But about the ultrasonic rat repellent, many people are not very familiar with it. This paper mainly focuses on the installation and use of attention points, hoping to help users.


Different from the ordinary rat repellent device, the ultrasonic rat repellent device uses the emotional panic generated by ultrasound to achieve the effect of expelling rats. This device uses professional electronic technology, with the help of scientific research, developed can produce 20khz-55khz ultrasonic. This way of expelling rats advocates "a high-quality space without rats and pests", creating an environment in which pests, mice and other organisms can't survive, so as to realize a rat free environment.



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How to install ultrasonic rat repellent device?


1. The ultrasonic rat repellent should be installed at 20-80cm above the ground and should be inserted into the socket vertically to the ground.

2. Installation location: try to avoid carpet, curtain and other sound-absorbing materials, otherwise it is easy to reduce the sound range due to the reduction of sound pressure, which will affect the effect of insect repellent.

3. Attention: it is necessary to pay attention to the daily moistureproof and waterproof, and prolong the service life of the ultrasonic rat repellent device.

4. How to clean? Just use a dry soft cloth dipped in some neutral detergent to clean the fuselage. Do not use strong solvent, water or wet cloth to clean the fuselage.

5. Operating environment temperature: it is recommended to use at 0-40 ℃.


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Why did I install it as required or not?


First of all, you need to understand the working principle of your rat repellent device. It must be ultrasonic wave. Some so-called electromagnetic wave or infrared ray will not work.

If you use the ultrasonic rodent repeller, still has no effect, there may be the following situations.

1. Poor use environment: if the density of objects in the control area is too high, or there are too many dead angles, it is difficult for ultrasonic wave to reach through reflection or refraction.

2. Is the placement correct? If the position of the rodent repellent is not good, it will also lead to the formation of less reflective surface and weaken the efficacy of the mousetrap.

3. The power of the rat repellent does not meet the environmental requirements: if you have too much space for prevention and control, and the power of the mouse repeller you buy is too small, the effect of ultrasonic will not be obvious.


The above are some tips you may need to know about the ultrasonic rat repellent. Of course, if your budget is not enough, in addition to electronic devices, there are many insect repellents that work well. If you need to know more about insect repellents, please visit our website.

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