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"The Art of Aroma Blending" Of Aromatherapy

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Nowadays, many people like to use aroma oil diffuser in their life. A home aroma diffuser can help to spread the scent of the aroma oil, which can relax people and even have some specific benefits. The charm of aromatherapy is not only in the pharmacological effect of essential oil itself, but also in its using and blending of plant aroma. The use of the art of aroma blending can sublimate the essential oil formula to the spiritual level. To provide a ideal of aroma blending that you can refer to, we choose a postpartum slimming compound essential oil formula as an example to introduce in detail in this art.


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Examples Of Postpartum Thinner Essential Oil Formula

During pregnancy, the uterine enlargement produces a kind of forcing force, which results in the obstruction of venous reflux in the circulatory system of the body and the formation of pregnancy edema in different degrees. At the same time large amounts of blood returned to the circulatory system after childbirth, causing the swelling of body. But the lying-in woman still need to stay at home for rest, so using electric aroma air diffuser at home can help build up her body.


The essential oil formula is mainly aimed at relieving pain in wound recovery, eliminating edema during pregnancy, promoting whole body metabolism, restoring body symmetry and desalinating pregnancy lines. The essential oil can not only be used to massaging body, but also can be used in oil aroma diffuser. These two using ways are what we called aromatherapy.


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Recommendations for the formula of aromatherapy

Scent aroma machine is only the basic equipment of doing aromatherapy, besides the s good scent aroma diffuser, we still need to have a good essential oil formula. The components of essential oil formula postpartum thinner include Atlantic cedar, patchouli, olive oil, grapefruit, coriander seeds and lemon grass, you also need to add some vegetable oils, such as sweet almond oil, grape seed oil or wheat germ oil.


The combination of different plants is indeed a combination of strong and powerful, they are very fluid in the efficacy of essential oils, they can  promote the lymphatic circulation of the human body and enhance the ability of metabolism. What is more, they smells comfortable in smell, especially after spreading by aroma air diffuser or fan aroma diffuser,your room will be filled with light fragrance.


The grapefruit contains a large amount of limonene to boost the mood, bring spiritual clarity and freshness. It also has the function of resisting inflammation and stimulating liver and kidney. The calm force of Atlantic Cedar itself can help postpartum women to reduce the fear and anxiety. The essential oils extracted from seed always have the function of clearing blood and have strong detoxification ability.


In conclusion, the choice of essential oils is an important step in aromatherapy. The aroma blending is an art for us to study. If you have a mini usb aroma diffuser, you can enjoy the aromatherapy in anywhere. The aromatherapy can even be taken in car, as long as you have car aroma diffuser and know what kind of essential oil you need.


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