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The Difference Between Air Humidifier And Aroma Diffuser

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Many people do not know the difference between air humidifier and aroma diffuser, because the sellers usually do not tell consumers their difference, so that consumers can not choose the product they need correctly. Next, there is a brief introduction to the difference between the air humidifier and aroma diffuser, which will make the consumers choose which one is more suitable for themselves.



The Difference in Their Function

The main function of aroma diffuser is to give off fragrance through water vapor. You can add different plant aroma diffuser oils to the aroma diffuser. Different aroma diffuser oils have different odors and effects. The function of air humidifier is to increase the humidity of air. You can only add water to the air humidifier. The air humidifier has a better control effect on air humidity than the aroma diffuser.


aroma diffuser


The Difference in Their Material

Because most aroma diffuser oils are corrosive, most aroma diffuser are made of PP. The chips and atomizer plate of aroma diffuser are specially developed for aroma diffuser oil, can be resistant to oil, water and chemical corrosion. The air humidifier uses ABS or AS plastic material as water tank, so it can only add clean water and have certain requirements for water quality, otherwise, it is harmful to human body. The water tank of air humidifier is made of ABS or AS plastic material, so you can only add water to the air humidifier. The water quality of the water added to the air humidifier must be good, otherwise, it is harmful to the human body.



The Difference in Their Vapor

The role of the electric aroma diffuser is to allow people to better absorb the aroma diffuser oil, so the aroma diffuser oil vapor emitted by the wood grain humidifier is very thin, can stay in the air for a long time. The main function of the air humidifier is to humidify the air, so that the atomizer plate with a large diameter of 20 to 25 mm is generally used, and the water vapor emitted by the ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic fogger is heavy and the particles of the vapor are large.



The Difference in Their Water Tank

Because the water and aroma diffuser oil in the ultrasonic air humidifier need to be replaced frequently, the design of the water tank is simple, easy to clean, and its water storage space is very small. There is basically a spare water tank in the air humidifiers, so the internal structure of the usb mist humidifier is complex.


In addition to the above differences, the aroma diffuser has a unique ultrasonic concussion technology. Through this technology, the air humidifier aroma diffuser can refine the particles of water vapor and effectively disperse the aroma diffuser oil into the air.


aroma diffuser

The usb air humidifier are suitable for use in dry places or in environments where air conditioners are turned on for a long time. It is a very suitable ultrasonic humidifier mist maker for people who have been working in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.


The aroma diffuser is a kind of electric appliance which can add quality of life. It is not only easy to carry, but also the aroma diffuser oil in water vapor can relieve fatigue and help sleep. Compared with the air humidifier, it is more suitable for use in the living room or in the bedroom of the home. 

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