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The Features and Future of Aromatherapy Machine

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1. The Working Principle of Aromatherapy Machine

The intelligent aromatherapy machine uses the high-frequency vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration equipment to divide the water molecules and the dissolved plant essential oil into cold fog and distribute it in the surrounding air, making the air full of fragrance. After heating in winter, people will have the symptoms of dry lips, dry throat, dry mouth, dry cough, dry skin, nosebleed when the indoor air is not hydrated enough. The intelligence aromatherapy machine can improve this situation well.



2. The Future of Aromatherapy Machine

Better intelligent aromatherapy machines on the market can use a variety of ways to atomize water and essential oil, maintain high humidity in the room, generate a certain amount of negative oxygen ions, purify the air, and achieve the effect of aromatherapy at the same time, which can help relieve the symptoms of influenza, hypertension, tracheitis. Also it is protective for the nervous system/heart and blood tube system in human body.

With the development of aromatherapy, its effect of supporting sleep and relaxing mood is more and more recognized by consumers, and more and more people choose to aromatherapy machine with light on it at home to do emotional therapy. Now, the benefits of intelligence are also applied to the essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. It can be believed that the intelligent aromatherapy machine is in line with the development trend of the times and is developing in a positive direction in the foreseeable future.



3. The features of Aromatherapy Machine


The ordinary humidifier uses ABS or as plastic material as water tank, which is not essential oil corrosion resistance. If it is used for a long time, it will cause the water tank to be corroded, resulting in cracking, and may also produce toxic gas to release into the air, which will affect the health of the body. Most of the intelligent aromatherapy machines are made of PP material. The chips, chip spoons and atomizing chips of the aromatherapy machine are specially developed for the essential oil. They are oil-resistant, water-resistant, chemical resistant and safe to use. Generally speaking, the advanced materials used in the intelligent aromatherapy machine are better and safer than the common materials.



The ultrasonic vibration power of ordinary humidifier is insufficient, which can not make the essential oil complete decomposition and release. It is possible to store part of the essential oil on the wall of water tank and waste the essential oil. The ultrasonic vibration technology adopted by the intelligent aromatherapy machine can atomize the water molecules to the nanometer level. The mist particles are even and small, and the residence time is longer. It can effectively disperse the aromatherapy essential oil into the air, and make user bathe in the fragrant air.



Due to the general material of ordinary humidifier, it is easy to produce dirt after use, and it is difficult to clean. The atomization chip may also block aging. The water tank of the intelligent aromatherapy machine is treated by special treatment process, so it is very convenient to use and clean.

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